No Contest Fights How Do They Affect Your Bet

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - MARCH 13: Eryk Anders and Darren Stewart of England react after referee Herb Dean declares their fight a no-contest due to an illegal knee during the UFC Fight Night event at UFC APEX on March 13, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

No Contest Fights – How Do They Affect Your Bet?

The ‘No Contest’ decision is an unusual decision that is reached in combat sports such as boxing and MMA, but those you have bet on the fight need to be made aware of how this outcome could affect the wager they have placed.

This article will define what a no-contest decision means in both boxing and MMA, how it affects bets on the fight, and some examples of when this has happened.

This article will detail everything you need to know about no contest decisions when you bet on combat sports.

What Does The Term ‘No Contest’ Mean?

No contest is a decision made in both boxing and MMA events. A no-contest happens when the fight has to be ended for reasons out of the control of both fighters. A winner is not declared. The reasons for a no contest verdict vary, but the majority of the time a fight ends is due to an act of God or indirectly related to the fighter’s themselves’ efforts. Here is a rough list of the reasons why a fight might be declared a no-contest:

  • Accidental headbutt (boxing)
  • Accidental illegal strike resulting in injury (MMA) (This, though does mean the one committing the offence loses)
  • Interference of the referee or non-participant that ends with fighter injury
  • Other accidental injuries
  • Positive drug test or dishonest behaviour
  • An issue with the ring making it impossible to continue
  • A no-contest may also be declared if the sports commission suspects that match-fixing has occurred. However, this is very rare as most allegations of match-fixing have been disregarded as a conspiracy when it is alleged at the highest level.

In the past, a lack of aggression on the part of both fighters also resulted in a no-contest decision. This has not been an issue since boxing was legalised in the 20th century.

How Will My Bet Be Affecting By A No Contest Fight?

Both Boxing and MMA fights that are called no contest are settled as a draw. However, there is no option when betting to bet on a draw.

In general, you will be given your money back if the fight is declared a no contest. Online betting companies in the likes of jackpot jill usually treat these results as a push.

When a push happens in any sports bet, you should expect your stake returned to you rather quickly, with no payouts given to those who bet on either side. The same is true for most other combat sports when no clear winner is achieved. The only exception to this rule is when it is found that one of the fighters was guilty of taking drugs. If your backed fighter loses to someone who fails a drugs test, later on, you will probably not receive your money back.

Three of the Most Famous No Contest Boxing and MMA Fights:

There have been some very famous and sometimes strange bouts that ended in a no-contest result over the years.

Houston v Dalby

If you are reading an article all about combat sports, you have a stomach strong enough to witness what was dubbed ‘The night of champions’. Taking it back to 2019, Cage Warriors 106 between Ross Houston and Nicolas Dalby took to the shock and awe you would expect from MMA to a new level.

The fight happened in London for the welterweight title; this fight was extremely brutal, even by MMA standards. The canvas was so covered in blood that the fighters could not keep their footing on the surface by the third round. It became like a slip and slide from a horror movie. This resulted in a no contest and was called off by the referee Marc Goddard.

Hopkins v Allen

The referee’s job in the boxing ring is to ensure a clean fight and protect the welfare of the fighters. However, when the legendary Bernard Hopkins fought Robert Allen in 1998, the official Mills Lane’s attempts to keep a handle on things did not pan out that way.

When Lane tried to break up a clinch, he accidentally launched Hopkins out of the ring in a move reminiscent of a WWE event. Hopkins was injured after being ejected from the ring and was unable to continue the fight.

Bryan v Parker

In a fight, timing is vital. One of the most impressive moments in UFC history was when Tyler Bryan and Shaun Parker landed two simultaneous knockout punches, falling to the floor simultaneously as if they were in Toy Story and Andy had just walked in the room.

You can tell how shocking this was from the referee’s facial expression. The referee called the fight as no contest as it was impossible to tell who landed a punch first.

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