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Officer who broke detainee’s arm with jiu jitsu in arrest not guilty

An officer from an incident in February 16, 2022 where the officer broke a detainee’s arm with a kimura, a common jiu jitsu submission, has been found not guilty by Canada’s Special Investigation Unit (SIU). The incident happened in Waterloo, Canada and names were not released.

According to the report, a man was denied entry to the Kitchener shelter on February 16 due to being full for the night. He threw items at people in the building and tried to force himself inside which is when authorities were called.

When the officers got to the scene, the man yelled and the police ran a background check to find that he was wanted for other warrants. After being told he was under arrest, he resisted arrest and that’s when the officer used the kimura to handcuff the man. He was then placed in the car and told the officers his arm was broken. The cops then called an ambulance. After getting to the hospital, the man was released being diagnosed with a broken arm. You can read the complete SIU report here.

Jiu Jitsu and the Police

With the scrutiny police have come under for the killings of men and women across America. With calls to defund the police, many have instead called to better educate officers. Joe Rogan had Andrew Yang on episode 1245 of his podcast where the two discussed Yang’s plans to require all officers to get a blue belt in jiu jitsu to be an officer.

Rener Grace and his family have also pushed to have jiu jitsu taught in police academies. Rener has posted how he has a jiu jitsu system that could help reduce fatalities in police arrests. The Gracies, of course, is the family that popularized Brazilian jiu jitsu worldwide.

A couple years ago, the Marietta Police Department added Jiu Jitsu to their curriculum in a move to prevent deaths like George Floyd in Minnesota.

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