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Paddy Pimblett survives adversity to submit Jordan Leavitt in the second at UFC London

Paddy Pimblett likely to have next fight on pay-per-view event according to Dana White

UFC President Dana White says he would like to see Paddy Pimblett fight on a PPV card in his next fight and provided two possible locations.

Following his stadium-rocking win at the O2 Arena in his backyard of London, England, Paddy Pimblett is lined up to take the next step towards global stardom in his career. Pimblett had the crowd roaring after his second-round submission victory over Jordan Leavitt, his third consecutive victory since joining the UFC promotion.

The outspoken and brash European superstar has all the makings of becoming the next global star in the UFC, and his victory over Leavitt may have risen him to higher levels in many different avenues. First, Paddy Pimblett found himself facing adversity in the fight, when he wasn’t able to run through his opponent and get the first-round victory as he predicted. Pimblett also found himself battling for control in the clinch and despite winning the first round on the scorecard, he was critical of his performance in his post-fight interview. Secondly, Pimblett grabbed the attention of all those watching and in attendance when he paid honor to his close friend who committed suicide just days before, and then called upon all men to fight the stigma surrounding men’s mental health and remaining quiet.

His message would continue on in the ESPN+ post-fight show when he elaborated more on men’s mental health, and then he made another big claim that could be crucial for growing his brand globally. Speaking to the post-show team after his win, Paddy Pimblett was asked when he sees himself returning and let out several hints concerning his next fight. Not only did Pimblett say he wants to once again be on the same card as his teammate Molly McCann, but he also said they’d be open to fighting at the end of the year, and had their sights set on making their Las Vegas PPV debut.

Paddy Pimblett and Molly McCann weren’t the only ones with the mindset that they should have their next fight on PPV, as UFC President Dana White agreed with them during his press conference following Contender Series on Tuesday night. Speaking to the media following the first Contender Series event of the year, White said he sees Pimblett’s next fight come on a PPV card and gave two potential locations for the fight as well.

“I think what we do next is we take him to either Boston or New York and he ends up on pay-per-view then you bring him to Vegas.”

It’s clear that Dana White and the UFC know what they have in the making when it comes to the potential stardom of Paddy Pimblett, and bringing him over to a live sold-out crowd in the United States will be just the next step in his continued rise.

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