Paddy Pimblett Speaks on life after UFC debut

Paddy Pimblett Speaks on life after UFC debut

To say the least, Paddy Pimblett’s debut in the UFC earlier in the month was eye-catching. From Paddy’s haircut to the post-fight presser via a first-round win he had promised UFC fans, ‘The Baddy’ was simply fantastic.

The 26-year-old Englishman has vowed to “take over” the Sport, describing himself as the next big thing and the main fighter on the roster.

Though attention is a new thing for him, the Englishman has long been hyped, particularly on his home soil of Merseyside.

Back in 2016, at the age of 21, Paddy won the Cage Warriors featherweight title, which had, in the past, been held by UFC legend Conor McGregor. It set extremely high expectations.

The fighter has had turbulent times in his career, though, including losing the belt to Nad Narimaniat Merseyside in 2017.

And he twice rejected the chance to fight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship before finally accepting the fight this year.

When asked if his decision to wait was vindicated by his first-round victory over Brazil’s Luigi Vendramini, Paddy said via real money casinos New Zealand, “Everything got timed perfectly,” he says confidently, adding: “If I’d have signed years ago, it would have ended in tears.

“I know my head won’t fall off when I get a bit of dough and I get a bit of fame. I did that when I won that first world title at 21 and started thinking I was the boy.”

In the past, he was seen as a grappler – but he showed on his debut in the UFC that he can throw good punches too.

And Paddy’s celebration – screaming “who can’t punch?” to those outside the ring – indicated it was a point he was determined to prove.

Teddy Atlas, who use to work with ex-boxing world champions Alexander Povetkin and Barry McGuigan, was among those that celebrated the way Paddy recovered from an early Vendramini shot to punch his way to a win.

It was something Paddy appreciated.

He says, “He’s a legend, When people like that are giving you credit, it feels great”.

“The fact it wasn’t flawless made it even better for me – that’s just my career. I always say I need to get punched in the face to get woken up.”

“I can’t help it,” he said via online casinos. “Even in the gym my coaches are always telling me to keep my chin down, but I just get into scraps.

“I enjoy punching people in the face and getting punched in the face – and I know people like to watch that as a show. I’ll continue to do what I do.”

“You want to see the food I’ve been putting away,” he says.

“I reckon I’ve been eating about 5-6,000 calories every day, maybe even 7-8,000 calories, going out for a meal twice a day and then having ice creams and bubble waffles and brownies.”

“I’ll be fighting again before the end of the year, so as long as I give myself time to cut the weight back down, it’s sound,” he says.

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