Patricky Pitbull

Patricky Pitbull on Peter Queally bad blood in Bellator 258 clash

There is a lightweight bout between Patricky Pitbull and Peter Queally on May 7th at Bellator 258. The latest Bellator MMA card broadcasts on Showtime and emanates from Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut.

This Pitbull vs Queally bout has a fair bit of bad blood heading into it with a broader gym feud transpiring between Pitbull Brothers and SBG.

Below are several excerpts from my recent conversation with Patricky Pitbull who readies to make his return to the Bellator cage after his last few outings being with Rizin Fighting Federation.

Patricky Pitbull

Making a return to the Bellator cage for the first time in a meaningful period

“I feel happy. I’m ready to back to the cage and finish my opponents.”

Patricky Pitbull’s Rizin run and becoming a Rizin FF lightweight Grand Prix finalist

“I make my dream. So I was little bit crazy. Very excited, but they were 100% perfect. Not a hundred percent perfect but it was like 99 percent perfect. Just they take the belt during the finish on the last fight. But was perfect for me. Meet the Japanese guys in Japan and make my dream, soccer kick. That’s it.”

Wanting to decorate the gym with the Japanese flag and having much respect for the Japanese people

“Yes, the Japanese people think I will be back soon to fight. So I’m very happy to have a lot of fans from there. Too much respect for my fans from there. I love Japanese fans because I never feel, I never saw something like this. The Japanese fans are unbelievable.”

Pitbull Brothers vs SBG

The broader rivalry between Pitbull Brothers and SBG plus when the Patricky-Queally rivalry began

“It’s a great rivalry. It’s something I wish Bellator focused a little bit more on. This has all been going on for years but we’re just getting to fight now. My brother just struck them. I’m looking to do the same. I would like to see more guys from our team fighting more guys from SBG. There’s a fight I’m crazy to see that is Leandro Higo against James Gallagher. I think Gallagher fears him. There are two guys near the top five. It will be interesting for the fans, it will be interesting for us.”

“And I’m sure they have other guys there that they would like to have in Bellator fighting. We have some other guys as well. They have other guys under contract and so do we. It could make for a very good storyline in the organization. I mean Peter Queally included himself. He was an intruder in the discussion. SBG guys were saying shit to us on Twitter. He came out and he wasn’t even under contract. Now we’re fighting. So I hope Bellator picks up on this, I hope the fans pick up on this, and we keep destroying them one after another.”

“Yeah, it’s something like BTT and Chute Boxe, right? Like you just said. That’s what this could be if done right. Let’s see how things go from here. But I hope our rivalry is more one-sided. About fighting Queally, it’s been a long time coming but I’m happy. I believe what’s supposed to happen will happen. It’s already been decided. And I just want to go in there and have my hands raised.”

Pitbull vs Queally

Is there anything that Peter Queally does on the level of martial arts skill that impresses Patricky at all?

“His mouth, he likes to talk a lot of shit. That’s what impresses me. He’s a very talkative person but it’s funny. When we’re supposed to fight back in October, before the fight he wasn’t saying anything about our fight. Now we’re about to fight, he hasn’t said anything either. So I guess he realized that his time is coming. He can’t run away from it anymore. So he was talking when he knew I couldn’t put my hands on him. And now that he knows it’s gonna happen, he changed.”

Calling for an interim 155-pound title

“It’s about keeping the division moving. Patricio hasn’t defended the title. Not because he didn’t want to. We had the pandemic, we had a lot of stuff going on. But he already said he would vacate. If that doesn’t happen and he remains champion, I think the division is to advance. I think that’s why I mentioned an interim title. I would rather fight for the vacant title…Everyone’s careers need to move on. The division needs to move on. So that’s the best course of action right now.”

 Scott Coker was on a media call the other day just fielding some questions there and the idea of Patricky fighting Patricio for the lightweight title was put out there. He said something to the effect of, ‘oh you know those guys might be just crazy enough to do it’.

Would Patricky fight Patricio for the lightweight title if it ever came down to it?

“Have you seen what my brother has been doing to people? I don’t want to get in the cage with him right now.”

Bellator MMA

In March, Patricky was shouting out the 10 year anniversary of his Bellator debut. Getting that big victory in the Rob McCullough fight and beating the tournament favorite.

I’m kind of curious if Patricky can talk about that journey with Bellator and hitting that milestone/growing alongside the company?

“I’ve done some great things, but I have some ups and downs. Things were in a bad way at the start. I didn’t make much money. I had to go through some hard situations on the previous administration. But there’s one thing that still remains. With ten years in Bellator, I only got one title shot on four weeks notice. I’ve been positioned to fight for the title before even when Brent Primus was champion.”

“If I had been given a proper opportunity to fight for the title, with a full camp, I believe my history here could have been very different. I could have been the champion already, I could have title defense. Could have lost and fought for it again and regained it. That’s something we’ll never know. But I’m proud of what I built. But there are still much more things that I still want to build before I call it quits.”

Parting thoughts for Patricky Pitbull

“Just want to thank everyone who supports me. The organization to be able to be fighting during the pandemic. It’s been crazy around the world right now. We’ve had to cope with several things we never expected. But I’m just thankful. I’m excited to get back in the cage to keep fighting… Making my history to the top.”

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