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Polaris 5 Results Professional Jiu Jitsu Invitational

Polaris 5 Results – Professional Jiu-Jitsu Invitational

Get your complete Polaris 5 results from the Indigo at the O2 in Greenwich, London, England.  The professional jiu-jitsu invitational event streams live on UFC Fight Pass beginning at noon EST.

The headlining contest is a rematch between Dillon Danis and Garry Tonon.

Below are your Polaris 5 Results:

Preliminary Card 17:00 BST (12:00 PM EST):

FFion Davis vs. Elvira Karppinen. Ffion Davis winner by Unanimous Decision. 

River Dillon vs. Miha Perhavec. Miha Perhavec winner by Heel Hook.

Jamie Scott vs. Tuomas Simola. Thomas Simola winner by Unanimous Decision.

Valmyr Neto vs. Masakazu Imanari. Masakazu Imanari winner by Heel Hook.

Main Card 18:30 BST (1:30 PM EST):

Bradley Hill vs. Tommi Pulkkanen. Bradley Hill winner by Decision. 

Sam Cook vs. Vanessa English. Sam Cook winner by Unanimous Decision.

Ross Nicholls vs. Oliver Taza. Oliver Taza winner by Unanimous Decision. 

AJ Agazarm vs. Lloyd Cooper. AJ Agazarm winner by Bow and Arrow Choke.

Caol Uno vs. Vitor Shaolin. Vitor Shaolin winner by Rear Naked Choke.

Phil Harris vs. Brad Pickett. Phil Harris winner by Split Decision. 

Dan Strauss vs. Jake Shields. Jake Shields winner by Majority Decision. 

Dillon Danis vs. Garry Tonon. Garry Tonon winner by Unanimous Decision. 


Illegal Methods / Movements

  • Eye gouging or fish hooking
  • Grabbing fingers, ears, hair, toes, or other extremity
  • No posting on faces / one-handed windpipe grip
  • Slamming above 50cm (high amplitude throws / takedowns will not be penalised)

Legal Techniques

  • Chokes (except using fingers to crush windpipe)
  • Joint locks involving shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee, ankle. Neck cranks are legal in no-gi bouts.
  • Illegal in gi bouts: Spine / neck locks, heel hooks

General Rules

  • Winner is signified via tapout, verbal submission (voluntary or involuntary), or being unable to continue the bout due to injury
  • 15 minutes time limit
  • If there is no submission the bout will be decided by judges’ decision. See  “The For and Against system:
    Judging System for Exhibition Bouts and Superfights”
  • In no-gi bouts the athletes must not grip any clothing
  • Referee will be on stage to officiate the bout, ensure rules are followed and advise fighters when they get too near the edge of the mat, in which case they will be paused and returned to the centre of the mat in the same position. If no agreement on positioning can be made the athletes will be stood up at the centre of the ring
  • Overall a high standard of sportsmanship is required before, during and after the fights.


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