Quentin Henry: “My plan is to get healthy and beat Lorenzo [Hunt] to a pulp”

BKFC’s Quentin Henry has his eyes on a rematch with reigning champion Lorenzo Hunt. After the two first fought this past October with Hunt winning under some controversial circumstances. Henry is all brash as he calls out Hunt in what would be a deserving rematch.

Quentin Henry: The Hero Returns

In the first fight, Lorenzo Hunt pushed Quentin Henry back early and knocked him down. Where it became dubious is when Henry was punched on the ground, a clear break in rules for the sport of bare knuckle boxing. Now Henry is out for revenge and there’s bad blood in the water.

“My plan is to get healthy and beat Lorenzo to a pulp. I beat his ass with a concussion so doing it healthy won’t be a problem,” said Henry when speaking with My MMA News.

Henry continues saying that Hunt was lucky in his last fight and should the two fight again, Henry believes he takes the rematch. “He beat a guy that use to fight at 145 with a lucky punch after getting humiliated.” He continues, “Then claims to be pound for pound champ?” and busts out laughing at the thought.

Quentin Henry doesn’t even take that much ill will towards Hunt after the controversy in the first round of their fight. He is concerned with the handling of the fight and foul with Big Dan Miragliotta. The ringside physician said Henry was likely concussed from the blow and Henry is worried that someone else will get hurt or worse.

“The concern here is that a veteran ringside doctor looked a ref in the face and said ‘This fighter was unconscious and this fight is over’ and the ref ignored his advice and continued the fight without calling a foul, or allowing me 5 minutes to recover.” He goes in to say, “Somehow, without ever as much as kneeling down to check on me, he was able to decide better than the doctor that I was good to go.”

Despite his warrior mentality, Henry is truly looking out for the well-being of his fellow fighters.

“My hope is to have a rule change that wouldn’t allow that to happen again. Tua Tagovailoa plays a game the next week and people are freaking out, but I’m stood up from being unconscious yelled at from multiple people and told to start fighting the number one fighter on the planet within 3 minutes?”

All in all, Quentin Henry wants two things: a rematch with Lorenzo Hunt and to have the rules more clarified in BKFC.

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