Randy Costa

Randy Costa excited for future with UFC, “I’ll sell out the damn TD Garden, lets do UFC Boston”

The former Cage Titans star, and Taunton Mass native is ready for a hometown show.

For those who did not know Randy Costa before UFC 236, you sure have an idea of who he is now. Costa may have faced his first professional loss in his UFC debut but it was in a way that definitely won him some fans and proved what us New Englanders already knew, Costa belongs in the big show.

“It was everything I’d hoped for man, It was such an experience. I did a lot of mental searching in the lead-up which helped me feel so relaxed. I loved everything from the media to fight night, as you know I’d talk to my damn shadow so the media was a great time.”

Costa admits that the soul searching he did while in Atlanta, Georgia did help him come fight night with nerves and being able to be himself on the biggest stage.

“I’ve got to admit, I’ve been more nervous for a Cage Titans fight in the local scene than I was for a UFC PPV, I just felt relaxed, I felt like I was meant to be here, so why not take advantage of that.”

As for what is next for Randy Costa there is ongoing talks with the UFC brass, but nothing Costa can share with us yet. The former undefeated Cage Titan hero would love the chance to be on the rumored UFC Boston card which is not official but rumored for a fall date. Costa jokes with us, but also very serious, that he is willing to sell out the TD Garden if the UFC will let him,

“It would be madness man. Look how many fans I brought with me to Atlanta, imagine being down the street instead of a flight away. I’ll sell out the Garden man, I’m an entertainer, hell I could sell ice to an eskimo.”

Costa spoke a little more on the possible talks for his next appearance inside the Octagon, he believes and hopes it will be somewhere around July or August and has some possible opponents being talked about, again a secret to us for now. Costa was very adamant that if UFC Boston does become a reality that he would wait for that card.

“I was at UFC 220 with Rob Font and Calvin Kattar at their open workouts and in the building, those guys are teammates and now to imagine not even a year later to be on the card with them, incredible want that so bad.”

As for handling his first loss, Costa took it all in stride, he understands it is part of the growing process but that still never makes it an easy pill to swallow when tasting your first defeat.

“Disappointing, thought I had him early but he’s tough as nails. I believe in my skillset and I’ll be back. I’m a local guy before this, his last fight was Zabit. I showed I belong, Davis actually told me I hit him the hardest he’s ever been hit in his career, still a loss is a loss and it sucks.”

For those who missed it post fight, Brandon Davis held a picture of Devin Carrier up for all to see. Carrier is a former Cage Titans fighter, and a longtime best friend of Costa, who sadly lost his life. Costa always said the two would make the UFC together and they did in this moment. Costa had nothing but respect for his opponent all week long.

“Can’t say enough things about Brandon Davis, so much respect. We actually ate together all week, we spoke every day it was actually really cool. I mean Davis is a savage man. I remember him saying this ‘don’t have to hate each other to fight, just have to love to fight’ that’ll stick with me.”

As previously stated, Costa is a product of the longtime Plymouth, Massachusetts based regional promotion of Cage Titans owned by Mike Polvere. A promotion that has seen many New England based fighters make there way to the bigger promotions such as the UFC. Some of the recent names that come to mind include Costa, Manny Bermudez and Joe Giannetti.

“Cage Titans is the premier New England promotion to get noticed. Mike Polvere is a class act and have all love for that man. They have upped their game and have amazing production now. I’ll always consider Polvere a friend, and I’ll always come back to Cage Titans.”

My last question for Costa was not prepared, but came up during the interview from the passion Costa was showing me. The idea of a man in his young 20’s already realizing his dream, what it meant to him.

“I wake up sometimes and just don’t believe it, or have to remind myself. I haven’t stopped working though, in fact it has made me work 10X harder to be honest. I want to be a positive role model for people watching with a dream. I am not here to only fight once or twice and go back to regional, I’m here for good. Whoever is next, they are getting waxed, full send.”

Randy Costa has “full sent” many opponents, and looks as though he is ready for yet another impressive performance. It seems as though we will see him back in the cage sooner rather than later, and I think we can all be excited for that.

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