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Reece Ward on Roe-Mar Blacknail: He’s not an evolving guy”

Reece Ward has had a rough patch thus far in his amateur MMA career. That doesn’t mean his skills aren’t there or well within his reach. Ward has just always had a little something that put him a step back in his previous competition outings. Getting a slow start in some bouts, personal issues…There was always a reason why Ward wasn’t at his full potential, but as any fight fan knows, it’s an unforgiving sport and any small setback can force you to painfully pay for it (physically and metaphorically speaking). Now, sitting at 1-8, Ward has the chance for redemption as he is just days away from a grudge-rematch that has been quite some time in the making with The Lab’s; Roe-Mar Blacknail.

Neither fighter known for trash talking, came out of character to have a back and forth endeavor on social media where they discussed their disagreements with how they felt their initial bout should’ve been scored. Fast forward a year and 10 months later, and Reese Ward and Roe-Mar Blacknail have a date signed established to rematch at Stellar Fights 44 to see who the better man truly is. Who has evolved more. As well as who deserves to take the next step up in their 125lb weight division.

“To be honest just pure honest, there hasn’t been much evolution in his game. His cardio isn’t there.” Ward says about the rematch with Blacknail. Continuing with how he feels the bout will end this time around, Ward exclaims, “By the time we’re done, the ref is gonna have his hands on me pulling me off!”

Tune in as 302 BJJ’s Reece Ward and I discuss his highly anticipated rematch with Roe-Mar Blacknail that goes down this Saturday, November 23rd at the Delaware State Fairgrounds for Stellar Fights 44!

For tickets and fight info, please contact and support Reece Ward as he has tickets in hand and gets a portion of tickets sold, or you can visit https://stellarfightsmma.com.

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