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Rising Prospect Nicholas Meck Wants 9 Wins Before UFC Debut: “It’s Not A Sprint, It’s A Jog”

Nicholas Meck is going to take his time making his UFC dream a reality.

The welterweight prospect is two fights into his pro MMA career. He’d stay undefeated with a win over Ravon Baxter earlier this month at Apex FC 4. Meck would sink in an impressive kimura in the opening round. 

No Breaks Needed

Coming out of the fight unscathed, ‘King Blackcat’ is ready to get back in the cage.

“If it was my choice,  I would be fighting this weekend,” Meck told MyMMANews. “If it was my choice. But, probably in a month or two. Whenever they give me the call, I’m always ready to go.”

UFC Dreams

While the very active Meck is ready to rush back into another fight, one thing he doesn’t want to rush is his road to ‘the big show’, being the UFC. At 2-0 as a pro and 7-0 as an amateur, the prospect has a certain number of wins he’d like to get before reaching the gates of the Octagon. 

“I would like to get nine [wins].” Meck said. “To me, it’s not a sprint, it’s a jog. The more time I can take to get better, I feel like I’ll do a lot better in the UFC. Cause you see a lot of these young guys go in there like 4-0 or 5-0 and then they end up leaving quickly because they’re not ready. Like it just takes time.

“Lot of them are getting there fast and they’re leaving fast. So, I want to be in the UFC as long as I can. So, my goal is hopefully get at least to be 9-0 as a pro before I would make that step, maybe even 10-0 honestly. So right around there that definitely.”

Meck has a solid team around team to get him wherever he needs to be. The 27-year-old has surrounded himself with UFC-caliber fighters at Glory MMA & Fitness. In his corner lies the UFC’s latest signing, Trey Ogden. 

What ‘King Blackcat’ Fights For

With All-American wrestling credentials from York College and a good foundation beneath him, he tells us what separates him from other prospects on the regional scene. He doesn’t fight for legacy or fame, he fights for family.

“I just feel like I work harder than everybody around me. I feel like I overwork myself to the point where sometimes I probably hurt myself. I think my drive is so much different than everyone else’s because my family drives me.

“Everyone has their reasons of why they want to fight. People want to do it for celebrity status. People want to do it because of the belt. People want to do it for money.

“Mine is more like for money and my family. My mom and dad are like a big part of my life. I feel like this is the only way I could give back to them. I felt like that’s what drives me competitively, like more than everyone else around me, honestly. The drive to win [is there] just because of my mom. It’s more personable for me more than everybody else.”

Video interview with Nicholas Meck above at top and also below:

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