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Rob Font lands a punch on Cody Garbrandt during their UFC Vegas 27 main event. Font won the fight via unanimous decision. [Photo courtesy of @UFCNews on Twitter]

Rob Font jabs his way to decision win over Cody Garbrandt

Rob Font outpointed Cody Garbrandt on the feet to earn a unanimous decision win at UFC Fight Night 188 in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday, May 22.

Font fully committed to the jab, landing it at will in all five rounds. Garbrandt found success with takedowns in rounds one and two but failed to bring Font to the mat later on.

Font makes it four consecutive wins.

Rob Font vs. Cody Garbrandt Preview

A clash between two ranked bantamweights headlines UFC Fight Night 188 in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday, May 22.

The No. 3 ranked 135-pounder Rob Font takes on the former UFC bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt.

Font most recently finished Marlon Moraes via TKO in round one at UFC Fight Night 183 back in December. The New England Cartel product is currently on a three-fight win streak with decision wins over Ricky Simon and current Bellator bantamweight champion Sergio Pettis.

Garbrandt re-entered the win column for the first time over two years last June. The 29-year-old earned a walk-off knockout against Rahael Assuncao in round two at UFC 250.

Here is how the featherweight bout between Shane Burgos and Edson Barboza went down at UFC 262, including round-by-round scoring. For full results of the event, check them out right here.

Rob Font dominates in a decision win 


They meet center, Garbrandt misses with a leg kick. Font on the outside. Garbrandt pops the jab, lands a low leg kick. Garbrandt goes high with a head kick, blocked by Font. Font tries to set up a straight with a jab, misses both. Garbrandt landing leg kicks early. Garbrandt also landing the jab early. Font lands a one, then two, nice combination. Garbrandt lands another leg kick. Font goes low, and Garbrandt answers with a high kick. Font lands a jab, followed by a cross. Garbrandt scores a takedown as Font comes in with a knee. Font gets to his feet, but not without eating some punches from Font. Font catches Garbrandt with a right hand. Garbrandt waits and scored a takedown. Font lands an elbow to the back of the head, Garbrandt peppers Font with punches. Font to his feet eats some shots from Garbrandt. The opening round closes with both men on their feet. Fun first round.

MyMMANews scores it 10-9 for Gabrandt


Garbrandt earns a takedown early on. Garbrandt remaining on top. Font looks for a kimura, trying to crank. Garbrandt keeps his arm tucked inside. Font sweeps and Garbrandt rolls and both men are back to their feet. Garbrandt eats a jab from Font. Font landing the jab here in the second. Garbrandt being less active in this round, Font landing more often. Font lands another right hand. Garbrandt puts his hands down and eats a jab. Font gaining momentum, landing more often. Garbrandt shoots for takedown and Font defends.

MyMMANews scores it 10-9 for Font, 19-19


Font is the aggressor, following Garbrandt. Font is finding his range again early in the third. Garbrandt lands a punch combination of his own. Font lands a jab, followed by an uppercut. Font defends another takedown attempt from Garbrandt. Font controls the back of Garbrandt. Garbrandt taking a lot of punches from Font. Garbrandt shoots again, but Font defends. Font lands another jab. Font goes to the body with the right hook. Garbrandt letting his hands go more, throwing hooks. Font lands the jab again. The round ends with Font landing a low leg kick.

MyMMANews scores it 29-28 for Font


Font starts where he left off, active on his feet. Font mixing up his strikes, going high and low. Garbrandt lands a leg kick but eats a right cross. Font finding a home with the body shots. Font lands a beautiful combination, going body and head. Garbrandt is bleeding, looks like his nose. Font also looks like his nose is bleeding. Font lands a jab. Font lands a leg kick, then a jab. Garbrandt keeps eating the jab. Font with another jab and an overhand right. Garbrandt keeps taking the jab. Garbrandt needs a finish in round five.

MyMMANews scores it 39-37 for Font


Garbrandt comes out with a jab, Font returns fire. Garbrandt letting his hands go more. Font gives it back. Garbrandt land a left hook to the body and then an overhand right. Garbrandt lands another right hook. Font sets up a combination with the jab. Garbrandt takes a jab and gives one. Font catches Garbrandt with a right uppercut. Garbrandt misses with a right hook. Font still finding the jab. Garbrandt still swinging. Garbrandt loses his balance but gets right back up to his feet. Font peppering Garbrandt late here. Font with another jab. Garbrandt’s face is wearing the damage. Garabrant misses with a spinning back fist, Font ends up on his back. Font hols Garabrandt to the bell.

MyMMANews scores it 49-46 for Font

Official result: Rob Font def. Cody Garbrandt via unanimous decision [48,47, 50-45, 50-45]. 


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