Shamil Gaziev, BRAVE CF 69

Shamil Gaziev promises ”tough night” for Darko Stosic in front of his fans at BRAVE CF 69

Shamil Gaziev and Darko Stosic have captivated the minds of the BRAVE Nation fans without even stepping foot into the cage for BRAVE CF 69’s colossal Heavyweight bout on February 18th in Belgrade, Serbia. While most Heavyweights prefer doing the talking inside the cage, you can almost cut the tension with a knife between these two athletes who have gone back and forth at each other in the build-up to their co-main event bout. And Shamil resumed the hostilities with a promise to his counterpart.

BRAVE CF 69 will cap the BRAVE Serbia International Combat Week – the biggest combat sports festival in European history. But as we approach the much-anticipated BRAVE CF fight card, Gaziev has decided that the time for talking is over, no matter what Stosic or patriotic Serbian fans have to say. The gigantic Bahraini has waved off Stosic’s skill set, and says his opponent is in for a tough night next Saturday.

“Darko can say whatever he wants. During the fight, we will see who is capable of what and who is better as a fighter. I had better rivals than him. Kirill Kornilov’s striking is ten times better than Darko’s. I won’t feel any pressure before the fight, even if he has the entire Serbian nation in his corner. This will not affect me in any way. All I can say is, Darko, get ready, dear. It will be a tough night for you,” said Gaziev.

The amateur African, Asian, and European champion was the one who initially crept under the skin of Serbian fans when he chirped Darko Stosic. After talks of a five-round fight, contractual issues saw the two parties agree to three rounds. Gaziev taunted Stosic, saying he would have never accepted five rounds, anyway. A comment that was not well-received by Serbian MMA fans. Stosic brushed off his Bahraini opponent’s chirp before pulling out the “experience” card.

“Shamil is good, but he does not have the experience I do,” said Stosic, who has fought globally, racking up 17 wins and only five losses. “I will win this fight on the feet,” added the Serb, who’s returning to home soil for the first time since 2017.

BRAVE CF 69 headlines the first-ever edition of the BICW outside of the Middle East. The BRAVE Serbia International Combat Week will feature the biggest IMMAF World Championships and will reach its climax when BRAVE Combat Federation rolls onto Belgrade for the second time on February 18.

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