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Shana Dobson: ‘Sabina Mazo is gonna have to face my power’ at UFC 241

Shana Dobson checks in from Anaheim, Calif. as she gets ready to open up one of the biggest cards of the year this Saturday night.

“Danger” will face Sabina Mazo at UFC 241, which takes place at the Honda Center. The women’s flyweight bout will kick off the event on UFC Fight Pass.

Dobson talks about what she took away from her last fight against Lauren Mueller, still being new to the sport despite being in the world’s most premier MMA organization, whether or not she feels like she is being overlooked in this fight, setting the tone for a loaded fight card, Nate Diaz creating buzz and momentum in Anaheim with his arrival on Wednesday, what she plans to “smash” for a post-fight meal and much more.

The 30-year-old Dobson also gives her take on how she sees the fight going down with Mazo on Saturday night.

“I can never tell, you know,” Dobson told “I just know when I touch her… that’s all I can say. She’s gonna have to face my power. If she can stand there after I hit her, good for her. If she can still stand there after three rounds of me touching her, good for her. I’m going to keep touching her. Once I touch her, I don’t see her being able to take too much more of it. That’s how I see it going down without giving too much away.

“We can get it standing up, we can get it on the ground. We’re prepared for anywhere the fight could go.”

In addition, Dobson discusses how important it is to represent a number of different communities and groups of people with the platform she has earned with the UFC.

“It’s so important, and I’m reminded how important it is when I get messages from fans: little girls, black females, those who belong to the LGBT communities, Jamaicans, teachers, everybody that can relate to me just a little bit,” Dobson explained. “There’s people from Texas, people from D.C., the D.M.V., anyone that can relate to me just a little bit saying, ‘You’re repping me Shana. I support you. You’re representing for our people’, it reminds me of why I’m doing this and why I decided that I’m OK with being in the spotlight. At the end of the day, we’re all martial artists. We don’t fight for the likes, we don’t fight for the followers and all of the media and that stuff. Behind the scenes, we’re all martial artists. We’re all the same. We’re all jumping rope before striking practice, we all stretch before jiu-jitsu and we all get it in the same way. It’s super important for me.”

Check out the full interview with Shana Dobson as she gets ready to face Sabina Mazo at UFC 241 this weekend in the video above.

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