Shawn Stefanelli

Shawn Stefanelli looking to make it 4-0 at CES 52 in South Philadelphia

Shawn Stefanelli has a very nice team helping to prepare him for the fourth fight of his career .  Jerry Bradley is guiding him in the right direction at Grindhouse MMA. One of the top professional fighters in the region, Sean Brady, has helped Shawn improve on a steady basis as well as James Booth, who is an elite Jiu-Jitsu instructor. Recently, I visited Grindhouse to interview Shawn.  When asked about how he got his start in MMA, he told me

” I wrestled in school and then I laid on my couch for 6 years.  I was watching a UFC card, laying on the couch talking to a friend on the phone and he said you should do this.  The next day, I joined a gym.”

Fast forward less than two years later and Shawn is 3-0 and rising up the prospect board.  He takes on a 2-0 Jace Kendall and only one will remain undefeated.  Check out our interview below. Warning: Shawn has a potty mouth LOL.  But he is a real guy and loves to fight.  He promises to bring the heat when the collision takes place on the 17th.

MyMMANews will be cage-side for live updates on the televised card  (AXS TV)

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'Beautiful' Bob Meloni
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