Sizegenetics Review – Best Penis Extender (Fast & Safe)

Well I am not really into penning reviews and evaluations of anything I try new but I believe, my experience about SizeGenetics needs to be heard.

So this is my personal story that starts from the time I purchased SizeGenetics from its official website. From the initial changes to the ultimate results- I have penned every bit of detail you must know before planning to embark on your own, SizeGenetics journey!

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Now it’s generally said that you are wonderful the way you are, but honestly, I felt the notion does not sit true in every situation.

Let’s take my example, my flaccid penile would measure somewhere around 3.5 inches that would extend to somewhere around 5 inch at the time of erection.

While my wife would act completely satisfied during and after our intimacy- I knew I wasn’t good enough!

At least, this is what my ex used to say.

Now from the very start, I had this perception that no method, tip or whatsoever product was useful enough to help with the permanent stretching of penis as this is what it is, and I have to accept the way things are.

But frankly speaking, it was badly messing with my confidence in bed and I could actually feel myself avoiding the thought of trying new positions or do something other than our ordinary routine.

So with utmost uncertainty and zero hope for improvement, I decided to ‘see’ what I could do for myself.

My first approach was of course, the internet that was overloaded with pills, exercises, pumps and hanging devices that were largely boasting to do some overnight magic.

Soon enough I realized it was no short of a scam as I could barely find anyone talking in favor of them- except those paid promoters and marketers of course!

But what really clicked me were the two options, the scientific mechanism of which sounded reasonable to me.

The first was, the surgical procedure that was guaranteeing a penis enlargement between 1.5-2.5 inches, but the cost was beyond my affordability limits.

The second was penis extenders that sounded an effective, painless and affordable procedure, but lengthy to me.

But- as they say, no pain no gain – I expanded my research on penis extenders to learn more and more about this method and how safe can it help me land on to the results I was seeking.

This was the time I was actually introduced to SizeGenetics, with the experts claiming it to be the safest bet against others utilizing the similar strategy and offering similar gains.

Now no matter how desperate I was to get myself SizeGenetics, I did not intent to act impulsive unless I was really sure about it.

And the only way I could learn more about it was through the medical experts and people that have personally given it a try.

So, I started searching, reading and comprehending how this really works and to my surprise, I found that it was the only method that was medically proven to enlarge penis besides surgery.

Not only that, I was bombarded with a plethora of studies that were favoring the procedure through which the enlargement practice is done, let alone done through some primitive and not so advanced device like SizeGenetics.

But before moving onto this specific contraption, I would like to share the details about a penis extender.

Not only that, I will discuss the method it utilizes to enlarge penis and more importantly, the studies that convinced me to give this life changing contraption a much needed try!

So, here I go:

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What is a penis extender and how does it work?

A penis extender appears to be some metallic, long tool-like contraption in which we need to pop in our flaccid penile through one end and strap at the other.

When the penis is regularly stretched in a direction like this, the elongation process starts, causing the length and width to increase with the passage of time.  Men are understandably protective of their genitalia which is why some turn to

Now understanding this concept was a bit confusing, that is, how on earth can stretching draw out my penile and that too, cause lasting gains.

So I searched more about the stretching/ mechanical traction effects and learnt that it is similar to what bodybuilders and weightlifters do to bulk them up.

Strangely enough, they lifts weights, repeatedly, everyday that causes some minute tears in their muscle fibers.

As our body is naturally tuned to ‘repair the damages’, it begins the healing process causing these fibers to multiply and strengthen as a result.

When these fibers increase and build up, the muscles begin to amass!

Well, the theory is no different from the females of Kayan Lahwi tribe who wear neck rings to elongate their neck or the Africans who wear lip disc to stretch their lips to meet their set beauty standards.

Frankly speaking, all these examples supported the idea of stretching a penile length through the very tactic, say, the pressure exertion tactic.

That is, when this sponge like organ is stretched through the extender and a reasonable degree of pressure is exerted with this traction technique, the cells are split that are later repaired and multiplied by the body’s healing process.

That’s when the penis amazingly begins to grow and expand.

So yes, these extenders work in a way, simply logical yet unimaginable.

But that does not mean that the change happens overnight.

Just as you can’t expect your muscles to pack on the very next day you’ve shed your sweat and blood in the gym.

With time and consistency, things do change and that too, more and more towards the progressive side!

What do the studies suggest?

Now there are many researches on penis extenders I find worth sharing like:

As per a research in Italy:

 This is the only substantiated method that helps in the lengthening of penis. As a matter of fact, it was found that the outcomes of using a penis extender is no less from the outcomes achieved from surgery that makes it an ultimate first-line treatment alternative for men willing to add inches to their member but unable to afford surgery.

According to British Journal of Urology:

A sample of men who followed the traction procedure for 6 hours a day, regularly for a period of 120 days managed to increase 1.7cm of a resting length while 3.1cm of an erected one which proved it a successful, less risky and pain-free procedure for those who wish to elongate their penis.

As per a study published in Journal of Sexual Medicine:

Members who participated in the study aimed to assess the effectiveness of this noninvasive device measured an average gain of 1.5cm in their flaccid penile, merely after a 90 days use

As revealed by an investigation issued in BJU international:

Participants who used this external medical device regularly for a period of 6 months noticed the elongation effects by 32% in a relaxed penis whereas their erectile performance improved by an average of 36%, that largely contributed to their satisfaction level

According to a revelation made in the International Journal of Impotence Research:

It is a minimally invasive technique that has found to increase an average of 1.8 cm in a study based on four months. It is essential to note that the participants of this study wore the penis extender regularly for a minimum time of 6 hours every day

Quite honestly, these were some quality researches that actually convinced me and backed me with that little hope I had for my sex life.

So without wasting any time, I decided to buy myself a penis extender while feeling lucky enough for not investing my hopes in exercises or some pills.

Now as I moved on to the next step, that is deciding which extender to go for, I came across a wide deal of brands claiming efficacy.

As I searched and searched, the most common and the most successful name that would often pop up during my research was that of SizeGenetics.

So, I decided to invest my next few days studying more about its mechanism and how far can it go with the results I desire.

For better or for worse- one thing was assured that Sizegenetics was my only hope for a more fulfilling sex life!

Why did I choose SizeGenetics?

I chose SizeGenetics for three main reasons:

  • Comfort and ease:

Now I was convinced with the fact that the traction technique was the only technique after surgery that was proven to help with the lengthening of penile however, the thought of wearing the contraption for 5-6 hours a day was freaking me out.

I mean, how can I tie my manhood to some tool and sit and walk around for hours without feeling uncomfortable or get noticed for that matter.

And that’s when SizeGenetics scored the most points.

The contraption offers a user-friendly design based on a comfort strap and foam protection to makes your experience more and more comfortable throughout the wear.

As a matter of fact, as much as the users were favoring its results through their feedbacks, I noticed an equal mention of the comfort factor that made it possible for them to wear it for such extended times.

  • Results:

Of course, my priority was results!

And that’s where I felt the position of SizeGenetics firm and strong.

I mean, users loved it and that was plainly obvious through their reviews and feedback.

SizeGenetics appeared to help almost every buyer who apparently used it consistently or say, with firm belief.

Some of those amazing testimonials are:

Jojo- 20+

I started with what’s called a micro penis, but with SizeGenetics, I am growing. Way to go


Spent my half life believing my 4.8 inches was ultimate but SizeGenetics proved otherwise. Have stretched my phallus by 1.5 inches just by wearing it for 5 hours for 5 months. Hoping for more changes

JoyJoy- 39:

A big no to kegels and pumps, nothing works, all is a waste. Spend some and get SizeGenetics, increased .75” in three months just by wearing it for 6 something hours a day

Mystified- 19:

Prepping myself for a pleasing sex life, started at 4.5” now reached a milestone through measuring 5.9 inches in 16 weeks. Definitely up for more

Harry- 54:

Never thought my body grow at this age! But SizeGenetics made an exception. Had an erect length of 5.5 for most part but with SizeGenetics for nearly a year, I recorded a ‘whopping’ + 2” gains. Wish I had it earlier

3: Safety:

No matter how safe the traction technique may sound, I always had this fear of developing some abnormality in my penis.

What if I develop a curvature?

What if I fail to have erections?

What if my sex life meets an unexpected end?

Well these were some questions that were definitely screwing my peace and I was understandably, scared to death!

But SizeGenetics put a simple end to my fear soon after I found that the contraption is free from all sorts of chemically produced substance and equipped with an FDA approved tag.

Not only that, I found out that it is medically endorsed by a panel of scientists and doctors, the decision of which is backed by an extensive range of trials and tryouts.

Now that’s when I found myself in a position where I can actually be confident about using something for anything as sensitive as my genitals.

Yes, it was time to buy SizeGenetics- it was time to experience the change!


Ordering SizeGenetics:

Now it was time to order SizeGenetics!

Visit Sizegenetics Official Website

One thing I knew for sure was that I should place my order at the official website of SizeGenetics as there was a risk of fraud otherwise.

However, since it was my first experience, I was a bit skeptical about what package to choose as I learnt it comes in the following packages:

  • Curvature and Peyronie’s
  • Ultimate system
  • Comfort Package
  • Value Edition

Now since my priority has always been ‘comfort’, I simply went ahead with the comfort package to find what has been offered through it.

So I came to know that this particular package steps ahead with a comfort plaster and extra elongation bars that allow you the freedom to manage the tension and stretch on the member.

This was a big relief for me as I like having control on body.

So I ordered the Comfort Package without giving a second thought.

Click here to visit the official website and see what the Sizegenetics can do for you!

My Routine with SizeGenetics:

It did not take many days as I received my SizeGenetics in discreet packaging earlier than I expected.

As I was opening, I was full of hope, excitement and of course, confusion.

So this tool came across as something impressively solid to me.

However, I was totally puzzled about what to do with it, when to wear and how long to wear it.

Now it was soon enough I learnt fixing the contraption on my penis but for the timings and duration- I had to do some more searching.

So after a couple more hours of search, I ended up planning the following routine:

  • Wearing it from Monday to Saturday for 6 hours a day. I found this was a more effective approach against the 4 hours a day setting
  • In between this duration, I decided some occasional 5 to 10 minutes rest for the regulation of blood flow
  • An off on Sundays as this is the best suited time for my manhood to HEAL!
  • I believe it was more user-friendly with the comfort strap. Since I am a sales agent mostly working outdoors, I thought of adjusting it pointing downside for smart concealing and easy walking
  • For bigger and faster results, I planned to incorporate jelqing in my routine and some good male enhancement foods like spinach, carrots and pomegranate in my diet
  • Due to my demanding job nature, I arranged my contraption on medium stretch setting for the release of tension
  • Of course- I wanted results- like real, noticeable results so I was okay going to lengths with my SizeGenetics. For this reason, I was about to give it 6 months shot

Finally Using SizeGenetics:

So- the very next day that hit right after I got my hands on SizeGenetics, I embarked on my SizeGenetics journey.

No wonder, I wanted to take things systematically, so I maintained a diary that would consist of all the details about my current measurements, future gains, daily usage in hours, missing days and the period I have so far covered.

Interestingly, this record was also aimed to boost up my motivation level whenever I feel down or decide to quit in the mid way.

Indeed, it was a patience testing task.

So for the first day, I wore SizeGenetics for about 60 minutes, which I divided into three sessions.

That is, I wore SizeGenetics for 20 minutes in the morning, 20 minutes in the evening and 20 minutes before I left for bed.

So yes, this was a little complicated but I was positively working on it as I knew- determination was the only key that could have eased my low esteem issues.

But- there was a greater need for consistency too so I increased the timing to two and three hours following the same pattern with longer sessions in the next coming days.

In addition to wearing SizeGenetics, I was also following jelqing for 20 minutes after every alternate day.

As my penis was stretching for the first time in life, it initially caused me a slight pain and soreness that was an indication that the process has started.

Thankfully though, it got used to this ‘workout’ quite quick and I was able to shift to my actual routine- the 6 hours a day routine- in a couple of weeks.

My SizeGenetics Results:

Okay so this is what I started to notice with the regular use of Sizegenetics:

8 weeks- 2 months:

After a mere use of 8 weeks, that is, 2 months of using SizeGenetics, I measured an insignificant but positive growth of 0.7 inches in my flaccid penis.

With this growth, my relaxed penis that was initially 3.5 inches was now 4.2 inches.

Besides I noticed:

  • Slight improvement in my width
  • Erections that were comparatively longer
  • My boner would feel harder to me and my wife
  • I was having a better control on ejaculations
  • My confidence and sex drive was noticeably increasing
  • My wife was demanding more sex that was validating her satisfaction

16 weeks- 4 months:

By this time, I believe the results were more noticeable as I measured a growth of total 1.5 inches in my flaccid penile.

So it was a total of 5 inches before erection that would elongate to some 6.3 inches during arousals.

Additional changes I noticed were:

  • My penis appeared somewhat thicker
  • Erections were clearly healthy as I was able to feel hard and last longer
  • I was more involved in sex (thankfully trying new positions with confidence)
  • An impressive change in my libido and virility

24 weeks- 6 months:

So I finally completed my 6 months and was more than curious to know- how exactly I landed with SizeGenetics. Much to my expectations, I noticed a remarkable gain of another 0.5 inches in my flaccid penis that took the total to 2 inches gain straight!

Yes- I now measured 5.5 inches that were nearly around 7 inches when I would get erections.

Other improvements I observed were:

  • My manhood was visibly bigger and engorged
  • My confidence, sex drive and penile sensitivity was high
  • Erections were stronger than before
  • My wife was pretty vocal about her satisfaction this time

So overall, my results with SizeGenetics have been expectedly overwhelming as it helped me gain 2 inches in my penile length that was initially average.


So I’ve read a plethora of reviews myself and I know the role they have in one’s decision making.

Luckily- this review is legitimate and I can assure you can count on this.

My experience with SizeGenetics has been tremendous and totally worth it.

Indeed, it took time- just as it takes time for our muscles to grow after months and sometimes, years of gymming.

But as I said, consistency leads you to your destination and that’s exactly what worked for me.

With 6 hours a day, alternate days jelqing and some good male enhancement foods for 6 regular months, I was able to go from 5 inches erect length to 7 inches in total.

Not only that, my erections felt way stronger, longer and healthier that largely favored my sex life in general.

Well, it was a change I always wanted but above all, I was happier for my wife who would now mourn and express how great I feel.

So- yes, SizeGenetics works, especially for those who are willing to be patient, committed and persistent with it.

As all penis extenders take time and despite being the most advanced of all, SizeGenetics is no exception.

While it’s been a month my journey has safely ended with this phenomenal extender, I still think of striving for another inch- as for us- it’s never enough!


Q- What is SizeGenetics?

SizeGenetics is a revolutionary Type 1 medical device, a penis extender that lays support to all those who wish to increase their penile size.

While it is a tool offering proven assistance for penile enhancement, SizeGenetics is equally sought for its ability to treat a curved penis, called as Peyronie’s disease in medical term.

Other than that, SizeGenetics is also effective for problems related to erections.

Q- Who makes SizeGenetics?

SizeGenetics is a product of DanaMedic that is a company having roots in Denmark. The business deals worldwide and is very transparent about its origin and contact details for the buyers to receive maximum assistance regarding their purchase.

What are its benefits?

If SizeGenetics is used for 6h/a day, you can smartly address concerns like:

  • A penis that has an unsatisfactory size
  • A member that needs some widening, say, increase in width
  • A curving/ bending penis, generally known as Peyronie’s Disease
  • Erections that are weak (soft and short)
  • Premature ejaculations
  • Poor sex drive
  • Low confidence and self esteem

Besides, SizeGenetics:

  • Is pain-free and safer alternate for surgery
  • Generates faster and irreversible effects
  • Has Money back guarantee


What makes it different?

The comfort capacity offered by SizeGenetics is the quality that makes it a standout against its competitors.

Generally, penis extenders disconnect the supply of blood to the glans that not only increases the risks of injuries to this sensitive organ, but also invites dangers that could lead to life-long complications.

On the contrary, SizeGenetics uses its advanced design and systematic mechanism of action that allows utmost comfort with proper circulation of blood to the entire penile.

Design: The design that is based on a foam ring, strap and a latex head grip enables healthy circulation while turning the contraption into more wearable, user friendly and of course, effective.

Mechanism: Your results are largely based on the amount of tension delivered without causing any sort of discomfort and pain to your genitals. Like any other department, SizeGenetics scores the most with its easy to adjust and best highest tension at 2,800 grams- no contraption is currently closer to.

How does SizeGenetics work?

SizeGenetics supports the growth through stretching that:

  • Compels the body to adjust to the pressure by dividing and growing new cells
  • Causes micro tears that are healed and solidified, resulting in an increase in size just as the muscle building process

How long does it take to grow penis?

The process through penis extenders is a little lengthy but worth it.

Hence, it starts to reveal visible results in some 3-6 months if the contraption is used for 6h/ a day.

During this phase, you can successfully grow around 1-2 inches but, if you wish to grow further, you need to wear the extender beyond the 6 months period.

Are the results permanent?

The results derived from SizeGenetics do not fade with time and are permanent.

Not only that, you do not have to continue using SizeGenetics if you have gained what you’ve aimed.

Are there any studies backing its efficacy?

Yes, SizeGenetics is one of the most studied and tested penis extenders that are largely endorsed by doctors.

The contraption has been subjected to several studies including by the members of Swiss Journal of Urology and British Journal of Urology that have testified its efficacy and proven it useful.

Is there a Money Back Guarantee?

SizeGenetics offers a range of four tools namely:

  • Curvature and Peyronie’s: This one mainly focuses on correcting the curve you may have developed in your penis, while helping your member grow at the same time.
  • Ultimate system: This is based on additional components and accessories like a range of elongation bars, set of keys, travel case, special moisturizers and talcum powder you may need to make your experience more fulfilling
  • Comfort Package: This system pays large emphasis on the comfort factor and hence provides you a better facility to make your journey full of comfort. For that , there are comfort strap, protection pad, silicone tube and so.
  • Value Edition: This one is the most basic of all with the most limited accessories but proper penile enlargement support for men restricted with their budgets.

The entire range of SizeGenetics is supported by a one year Money Back Guarantee.

Is it painful or dangerous?

Neither it is dangerous nor painful provided that you follow the instructions and adjust the tension to a degree you find it comfortable.

Is there a need to warm up?

There isn’t a need for warming up with SizeGenetics, at least, I did not come across any guidance that says so.

Can it be worn at work?

Of course, it’s comfortable and can be easily hidden under your pants!

How long does it take to arrive?

It hardly takes a period of 2-3 days, unless there are some unexpected conditions that can affect the time of delivery.

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