How to win a UFC fight in 98 seconds - Sports Science Lab weighs in

How to win a UFC fight in 98 seconds – Sports Science Lab weighs in

How did Al Iaquinta knock out UFC legend, Diego Sanchez in just 98-seconds?  The fight took place last month in Nashville at UFC Fight Night 108 and it was Sanchez’s first ever knockout loss.

Below is new exclusive footage of Iaquinta training for his fight at the New York Sports Science Lab, before his successful 98-second first round knockout against The Ultimate Fighter Season 1 winner.

Experts at the Sports Science Lab weigh in on their strategy in training Al using their science-based methodology.

The lab recently welcomed former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman in for his upcoming fight and he’ll be training there alongside Iaquinta.

Scientists at the Lab developed an intricate training regimen specifically for fighters which includes 3D biomechanics, kinematics of wrestling and grappling analysis to help assess agility, balance, reaction time and sensory perception. After extensive training, cryotherapy and pneumatic compression are used to alleviate soreness and help ease muscular adhesions.

The lab’s team of sports scientists, exercise scientists and biomechanists combine cutting-edge science and evidence-based methodologies to help athletes reach the very pinnacle of human performance unique to their genotype-phenotype and sport.

The SSL combines science, innovation and specialized training to suit each athlete’s individual needs. The one-size-fits-all approach to sports performance is outdated and imprecise. Today, the best athletes and teams approach their training based on the unique needs of each athlete, which vary according to sport and position within a sport.

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