Stephen Thompson

Stephen Thompson issues statement after KO loss to Anthony Pettis

Last night, in the main event of UFC Nashville, Stephen Thompson was looking to get back into the win column when he took on Anthony Pettis.

Pettis, who is the former UFC lightweight champion, and fought at featherweight was moving up to welterweight to take on one of the best in the division. Ultimately, in the first round, Thompson was proving why he has been a tough puzzle to solve. But, with five seconds left in the second round, Pettis threw a superman punch and knocked Thompson out cold. The win sets up Pettis as a top-five welterweight, while Thompson will have to go back to the drawing board.

Thompson then took to FaceBook to provide his fans with a statement on the devestating loss.

“What’s up guys. I’m at the hospital. Just got knocked out. I don’t even remember a dang thing. All I remember was punching him in the face, his nose bleeding, and then I wake up in the back. When I come to in the back, I have Chris Weidman right there standing next to me. My mom telling me.. but I’m ok. Everything is good. Crap happens. Especially when you’ve been in this sport long enough. I’ll be back.”

‘Wonderboy’ then added additional comments as why he was in the hospital.

“They wanted to check my head and my legs and my toe. Because I kicked him really hard with my shin and my toes. So just making sure everything is fine.”

It is no doubt a tough loss for Thompson who is now on a two-fight losing streak. Meanwhile, Thompson has just one win in his last five fights, after a draw and a loss to Tyron Woodley, the past two losses and then the win against Masvidal. Thompson will no doubt have to get a win in his next fight, but the good news is that Thompson says everything is good.

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