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Steroids Before and After Results – Brutal Force Supplements Review and Results 2021


  • Ever since my younger years, I have fantasized men having a beach ready body
  • After losing all my unhealthy weight, my next goal was to become stronger and brawny
  • While I knew it takes years to pack on mass, I wanted results within months
  • A combination of natural supplements supported me get that bigger, carved body I wanted in months

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Samuel John is 29 years old who works in a multinational in Chicago.  He joined a gym in hopes of shedding all his excess weight but soon shifted his goals to building muscles.

According to him, he has always wished to bulk up some day but strengthened his plans after his girlfriend’s request.

However, the only expectation he had was ‘faster results’.

In general, it takes eight weeks or so for the muscles to become slightly noticeable. After more and more months fueled by the efforts, the growth tends to progress, says a fitness expert.

Essentially, Samuel knew it was a long journey but similar to most of us, he was impulsive.

He discussed his expectations-cum-dilemma with one of his gym friends, who suggested him to use Brutal Force.

Back home, he dug into Brutal Force and decided to try Bulking and Cutting Stack for fast and bigger gains.

Samuel believes that his entire Brutal Force cycle yielded him results he was desperately anticipating.

The perfect combination of bulking and cutting formulas in the stack helped his muscles and strength to grow at an unbelievable pace while melting the excess fats around.

The story of Samuel John narrates as:

Hey, so last September I joined a nearby gym to shed some 10 pounds I gained through binge eating. Luckily, I managed to pull my weight down but watching those big guys there set me up a new goal.

Yes, it was to grow my mass but due to my working commitments, I delayed the plan.  Surprisingly enough, I discussed my desire as one of my dreams with my girlfriend who seemed too surprised about me delaying it.

She asked me to continue my gym membership as that was a quality, she had always wanted in her guy.

So I made my way back to the gym and luckily caught up with one of my ‘big’ mates there. I inquired about his secret of that broad chest to which he pretended as his years of hardship.

Of course, I did not buy that idea as that is something, most of these dudes say. So, I requested him to at least, suggest me some tips that can help me fasten up this process.

It is when I got to know about Brutal Force. Upon reaching home, I sat and searched about it to learn exactly about this brand.

So basically, I came to learn that this is one reliable company making a range of supplements for guys like me.

These supplements aid the growth of muscles, build strength and remove fats in a safer way against steroids.

Now the next question I had in my mind was- which one of these to go for. So I had few needs in my head apart from faster growth of my muscles.

For example, I wanted higher dose of strength to workout longer. Secondly, I wanted my muscles to appear ‘clean’ and not covered with fats.

So instead of going for any specific bulking or cutting agent, I went straight for the stack.

Understandably, in the first two to three days, my body struggled to adjust to these formulas. With a slight nausea and change in bowel habits, my body ultimately began to respond after a week or so.

Initially, the change was not major but I could actually feel my motivation and strength escalating. Day by day, my energy was growing and I was focusing more on my goals.

Weights that were previously impossible for me were now more convenient to lift. Not only that, I was performing extra reps on every step with no degree of fatigue or exhaustion at any point.

By the time my energy and strength grew, I became more than certain that Brutal Force was legit and working.

I was crazily eating meats and dairy and was hitting the gym as harder and as longer as I can. Together with Brutal Force, I gained a whopping 9 pounds in just four weeks.

What amazed me more was the fact that my muscles looked clear and cut and not just raw.

That of course, was an indication that the cutting agents have equally contributed in burning the fats while the bulking ones were helping my muscles grow.

With 8lbs in the second month and 11lbs in the third, my body turned huge and wide without much time. 

Overall, Brutal Force has been a wonderful experience. The way it helped me with my vascularity, strength and mass deserves a special applause.

 No wonder, it is something people can count on against those harmful steroids as it’s not just about the benefits, but safety as well.

Brutal Force is a highly trustworthy company delivering natural steroids that mimic the androgenic effects of some popular anabolic steroids. These steroids like supplements support the growth of muscles and pace fat burning to ensure the needed ripping of muscles.

Overall, the company is a new launch yet, doing great for the performance enhancers. These safe legal alternatives are absolutely legal in status and hence, available for the general public online.


Every 5 formulas part of the Brutal Force stack serves a different purpose and hence, consists of different ingredients. However, irrespective of the purpose, none of these carry artificial ingredients, hormones or filler to risk your health.

The ingredients of each of its formulas are:

  • DBULK:

The natural steroid is a bulking agent that aims to intensify your strength and mass gaining through boosting testosterone. It consists of:

  • Vitamin D3: It is a great aid for bodybuilders and athletes as it limits the chances of injury and decreases pain. Moreover, it has been found to improve type II muscle fibers and protein
  • MSM: MSM is added for its powers to speed up recovery. More specifically, it is an agent that paces the repairing of muscle aches
  • L-Leucine: It activates muscle protein synthesis that results in healing the damaged muscles. This healing leads to the engorgement of muscles
  • Suma Powder: The agent support the muscles in receiving better supply of oxygen and nutrients through boosting blood circulation
  • Ashwagandha powder: Ashwagandha is one of the scientifically proven ingredients to support the production of muscles. Plus, there are solid evidences proving its role in increasing muscle strength
  • SBULK:

SBulk works for physical power and ensures the body grows mass without accumulating fats. SBulk has a great contribution in multiplying the production of testosterone. The supplement includes:

  • Vitamin B6: Vitamin B6 roots the growth of the male sex hormone, testosterone. With higher Ts, the body gets in a good position to build more muscles and strength
  • Vitamin D3: Research suggests that it adds to the strength of muscles, lowers the risks of injury and helps with athletic performance
  • Magnesium: Magnesium elevates muscle stress and thus, supports good muscle health. Moreover, it is good for improving blood circulation for better supply of oxygen to the working muscles
  • Zinc: It has its fair share in increasing muscle-building testosterone. Zinc also supports faster repairing of the damaged muscle cells
  • D-Aspartic acid: It is all about leaner muscles through its part in increasing testosterone
  • TBULK:

TBulk focuses on the development of leaner muscles, while conditioning and improving their overall density. It has ingredients like:

  • Beta Sitosterol: It allows the body to meet its demand of testosterone through fueling its growth
  • Cats Claw Powder: The agent works to address joint and muscles aches through its anti-inflammatory powers
  • DIM: The agent ‘looks after’ the stressed muscle cells while promoting better healing and development


  • ABULK:

ABulk is all about huge gains. In addition to the growth of muscles, it facilitates higher physical power and endurance. It includes:

  • Tribulus Terrestis: The plant extract backs the increase in testosterone. Higher testosterone are linked with better growth of mass and strength
  • Bulbine Natalensis: While it works wonders as an aphrodisiac, it triggers the growth of Ts and hence lead to quality strength and mass
  • Acetyl L Carnitine: It is an imperative ingredient that heals physical exhaustion after trainings
  • Muira Puama: Another aphrodisiac in line, this one heals joint pain and promote their healthy functioning during workouts
  • Longjack Powder: This is a multipurpose ingredient that goes a long way in tackling poor testosterone, muscle growth and sports performance

5- CCUT:

CCut aims to preserve muscles while it efficiently cuts the fat around. Apart from lean muscles, the supplement also heightens up energy and endurance. Ingredients that give it the said powers are:

  • Vitamin B3: Vitamin B3 comes forward with a plethora of health benefits with ones like the increase in muscles as most promising to mass gainers
  • Garcinia cambogia: Rich in HCA, the tropical fruit extract helps in bringing down the fat levels
  • Bitter orange: The agent is a rich source of synephrine that has been found to pace basal metabolic rate and hence, aid weight loss
  • Guarana Extract: Guarana too, contains an agent that is proven to speed up metabolic activities. This agent is popularly known as caffeine
  • Griffonia Extract: It stabilizes emotional health and so, keeps emotional eating at bay. With these powers in action, griffonia makes it possible to prevent excessive gaining of fats


Research has a great role in determining the efficacy of any dietary supplement and Brutal Force is no exception. Nearly all of the natural ingredients having a share in its formula are validated to bring a much needed change by science. For example:

  • A study based on two groups determined that the one that received ashwagandha supplementation achieved better in terms of muscle strength and size against the one on placebo. In addition to that, the pace at which their body shed fat was also witnessed to increase by 200%
  • A research conducted in the recent times revealed that participants that took 30mg of zinc every day ended up with a boost in free testosterone
  • Research on guarana suggests that caffeine may encourage the speed of metabolism that can lead to faster cutting of fats. It further suggest that the extract controls genes responsible for making fat cells while supporting genes responsible for decelerating it

On a whole, Brutal Force gives you the edge you need to achieve those big goals for your body. These supplements are a power-packed aid for your fitness and performance and the virility you need for a boost!

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