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Steve Mowry discusses Bellator 290 fight, being on Fedor Emelianenko’s last fight card, and more

Looking to get back in the win column and promising the most violent version of himself that we have seen, Steve Mowry entered Bellator 290 against Ali Isaev ready to make a statement. Following a back-and-forth first round, Mowry was down going into Round 2 and showing the violent side he had, came out with a mean purpose. Putting together a 10-8 performance in Round 2, Mowry was unable to secure the stoppage or the win in Round 3 and the fight was scored a draw, it is the second consecutive fight that did not end by win or loss for the fifth-ranked heavyweight contender.

In an interview with, Steve Mowry discussed what it was like to have his second straight fight finish without a win or loss on his record, why he’s not frustrated over his last two fights, and being on the same card as Fedor Emelianenko in his retirement fight at Bellator 290.

Although he is disappointed, Mowry said he wasn’t frustrated or angry, and then reflected on his performance in Round 2 and what was said after the fight with referee Herb Dean.

“I really thought not only that I had warranted the stoppage but objectively, we’re looking at a situation where the fight, like I said objectively, so if it was me in that position, if it had been stopped, I wouldn’t have been too mad. I don’t know, I talked to Herb Dean afterwards, I made sure to pick his brain, I asked him what he would’ve wanted to see, what would’ve pushed the envelope for the stoppage I wanted. Now that he explained it to me, thinking back, I thought there were some things I could’ve done better.”

Despite the fact the fight did not go his way, Mowry did say the night will forever be special to him as he was on the same event as Fedor Emelianenko, who fought the final fight of his legendary career.

“I was really focused on me and what I was going to do but, I knew as soon as I got to California, I felt the vibes, I saw everybody, saw what was going on, I realized just how special of an occasion this was going to be. Fedor had established himself by the time I had started my amateur career, so to be on the same card as him in his last fight is something I am going to be talking about long after I’m done fighting.”

Preparing to be ready at any time the phone rings, as long as the opponent and timing make sense, Steve Mowry is going to enjoy the time off but isn’t hanging his head after the last two fights didn’t go as according to plan. Given his place in the heavyweight division standings, getting back in the victory column will open up plenty of big fight opportunities in the near future.

Watch the full interview with Steve Mowry above.

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