Max Kellerman, UFC 241: Stipe Miocic KOs Daniel Cormier in the fourth round to regain title

Stipe Miocic hints at imminent return to the Octagon

Stipe Miocic may have a fight lined up.

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic forced the closure of gyms, UFC heavyweight champion, Stipe Miocic has made it clear he wouldn’t be fighting. He needed a proper training camp and needed to be on the frontlines working as a firefighter. UFC president, Dana White didn’t like that as he said if Miocic couldn’t fight, he would think of stripping the champ.

“Possibly,” White said to Barstool Sports a month ago. “Listen, fights can happen right now. You either want to fight or you don’t.”

Yet, now, it appears he’s ready to fight again. Miocic took to social media late Sunday night to say the time has come with a picture of him walking to the Octagon.

“The time has come. Who’s ready1? #SM #AndStill,” Miocic wrote on Twitter.

Stipe Miocic reclaimed his heavyweight crown back at UFC 241 last August. There, he earned a fourth-round TKO win over Daniel Cormier to avenge his UFC 226 loss. The pair first met at UFC 226. There, Cormier had a shocking first-round knockout win over Miocic to win the heavyweight belt.

Since Miocic has been dealing with a nagging eye injury from his UFC 241 bout due to eye pokes from Cormier. In his career, the champ has notable wins over Francis Ngannou, Junior dos Santos, Fabricio Werdum, and Alistair Overeem among others.

It is expected Miocic will fight Daniel Cormier in the trilogy when he returns. When it will be is to be seen, but August has been a date floating around for weeks now.

Daniel Cormier, meanwhile, has been waiting for Miocic to be able to fight for months now. He has said this will be his retirement fight and knows he’s better than the champ and will prove it in the trilogy.

Regardless, the good news is the fact Stipe Miocic is back and ready to defend his heavyweight title.

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