Submission Underground 22 results

Chael Sonnen Presents Submission Underground 22

When: Sunday, April 25, 2021 6pm EST

Where: SUG Island

How To Watch:

Chael Sonnen is bringing back Submission Underground with SUG 22 on Sunday April 25th.

The SUG 22 card is stacked featuring the SUG king, Mason Fowler vs. number 1 contender, Andy Varela in the night’s main event.

Also on the card is 10th Planet standout, Kyle Chambers and UFC vet, Gilian Robertson.

You don’t want to miss this stacked SUG card live on UFC Fight Pass from SUG Island.


Andy Varela vs. Mason Fowler: Mason Fowler winner by Rear Naked Choke in EBI OT. 

Tag Team SAG: Chris Lencioni & Owen Papworth


Tag Tean ATT: John Simon & Ricky Simon

Team SAG winner by Rear Naked Choke in EBI OT. 


Kyle Chambers vs. Ben Egli: Kyle Chambers winner by Heel Hook. 

Liz Tracy vs. Gilian Robertson: Liz Tracy winner by Armbar in EBI OT. 

Philip Rowe vs. Gabriel Checco: Gabriel Checco winner by Armbar in EBI OT. 


Adam Smith vs. Alex Larmey: Adam Smith winner by Armbar in EBI OT. 

Zack Schneider vs. Andrew Alexander: Andrew Alexander winner by Triangle. 

Juan Bernardo vs. Don Stoner Gi Match: Don Stoner winner by Fastest Escape Time in EBI OT. 

Elijah Carlton vs. Lee Flores: Elijah Carlton winner by Triangle. 

Joaquin Holmes vs. Nicholas Maximov: Nicholas Maximov winner by Rear Naked Choke. 

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