SubStars: Gordon Ryan vs. Tex Johnson Live Results

SubStars: Gordon Ryan vs. Tex Johnson Live Results

SubStars presents SubStars at The Fillmore. Get ready for the most anticipated grappling event of 2020 right here in Miami Beach, Florida. Not the average grappling event, prepare to see a show unlike any other with theatric acrobatic ninjas and samurai fight displays blended with elite grappling and introducing for the first time celebrity sumo. SubStars is showcasing the world’s top talent in MMA, Jiu-Jitsu, Sumo and Wrestling all in one event. Be prepared for an experience to remember!

Where: The Fillmore 1700 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139.

When: Friday February 21, 2020 at 7 p.m.

How To Watch: $9.99 PPV

Main Card:

10 Minute Submission Only/Unlimited 2-Minute First To Score Over Time Rounds

Main Event

Gordon “The King” Ryan vs. Aaron “Tex” Johnson. Winner by Arm Triangle- Gordon Ryan

Co-Main Event

Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu vs. Rafael Lovato Jr. Winner by 1st to score in the 8th OT- Cyborg

Gi – Patrick Gaudio vs. Fellipe Andrew. Fellipe Andrew winner by Ankle Lock. 

Gi – Maggie Grindatti vs. Luiza Monteiro. Luiza Monteiro winner by Heel Hook.

Nick “Black Belt Slayer” Rodriguez vs. Roosevelt Sousa. Nicky Rodriguez winner by Rear Naked Choke. 

CELEBRITY SUMO Round Robin best 2 of 3 – Anthony “Rumble” Johnson vs. Curtis “Razor” Blaydes vs. Yamamoto (Heaviest Japanese Sumo wrestler in history and world champion, 600 lbs) vs. Takeshi (210 lbs Japanese Sumo champion).

Round 1:

Curtis Blaydes vs. Takeshi. Takeshi winner 2-0.

Anthony Johnson vs. Yamamoto. Yamamoto winner 2-0.

Round 2: 

Anthony Johnson vs. Takeshi. Takeshi winner 2-0.

Curtis Blaydes vs. Yamamoto. Yamamoto winner 2-0.

Round 3:

Anthony Johnson vs. Curtis Blaydes. Curtis Blaydes winner 2-1.

Yamamoto vs. Takeshi. Yamamoto winner 2-1.

1st. Yamamoto

2nd. Takeshi

3rd. Curtis Blaydes


6 Minute Submission Only/Three 2-Minute First To Score Over Time Rounds/Ref Decision

Vagner Rocha vs. Thiago Moises. Vagner Rocha winner by 1st to score in OT 1.

Gesias “JZ” Cavalcante vs. Nicky Ryan. Nicky Ryan winner by Heel Hook. 

Gi – Ana Viera vs. Vedha Toscano. Ana Viera winner by Kneebar.

Enrico Cocco vs. Ethan Crelinsten. Ethan Crelinsten winner by Refs Decision.

Dan Martinez vs. Roberto Jimenez. Robert Jiminex. Roberto Jimenez winner by 1st to score in OT 3.

Mauricio Gomez vs. Josh Garcia. Mauricio Gomez winner by Ankle Lock.

Gi – Felipe Porto Schiavon vs. Eduardo Roque. Eduardo Roque winner 1st to score in OT 3.

Andy Perez vs. Alex Moran. Andy Perez winner by Guillotine.

Jasmine Rocha vs. Nathalia Santoro. Jasmine Rocha winner 1st to score in OT 2.

Hector Acosta vs. Carlos Andrade. Carlos Andrade winner 1st to score in OT 1.

Julian JP Perez vs. Jacob “The Bull” Brown.  Jacob “The Bull” Brown winner 1st to score in OT 3.

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