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TJ Dillashaw suspended 2 years by USADA for EPO use

T.J. Dillashaw believes it would be dumb for Henry Cejudo to fight Joseph Benavidez next

T.J. Dillashaw is currently suspended by USADA until January of 2021. Currently, he has been recovering from injuries and had shoulder surgery and has also taken a step away from the game.

However, one fight he believes that should be made is Henry Cejudo vs. Joseph Benavidez. T.J. Dillashaw knows Benavidez deserves the title shot and also has a win over Cejudo.

Yet, whether or not it happens is to be seen as ‘Triple C’ has been calling out bantamweights, so Dillashaw thinks Cejudo needs to defend or vacate.

“I think it would be very dumb for Cejudo not to fight Joseph Benavidez,” Dillashaw said to Chael Sonnen . “That’s his last loss, that’s a fight that he has to make up. I think Joseph Benavidez has a great threat against him as well. I think that’s the fight that needs to happen, and he can’t be calling himself ‘Triple C’ no more if he’s going to be giving up a belt. So he needs to go down there and get it done and fight Joseph Benavidez. I think that’s the next fight for him. It makes the most sense. It’s the biggest draw. It’s a fight that was close, but Joseph did edge that fight out.”

Although that is what Dillashaw thinks make sense, he still doesn’t care that much. He isn’t focusing on fighting like he used to and instead is focusing on his business and his family.

“To be honest, other than me coaching my guys here, I’ve tried to purposely stay out of the fights and what’s going on,” Dillashaw said. “I’ve been trying to focus on my businesses, my son, my life. I’m getting myself together.”

Who T.J. Dillashaw will fight when he returns is to be seen, but there is no doubt he wants to reclaim his bantamweight title.

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