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Jalin Fuller: “Like most fights, we’re going to look to keep this one standing”

It is fight week for Southwest MMA Series XXIX, and eight months after his pro debut, Jalin Fuller is happy to be back in the cage.

This Saturday night at Buffalo Thunder Resort and Casino, Jalin Fuller will welcome Kemoy Anderson to the pro ranks. The fight was originally scheduled for Southwest Brawl 10, which took place on August 31, but had to be postponed.

It was the story as an amateur and it seems to be continuing as a pro. Is it surprising how hard it is to find fights?
“Very, actually. I kind of was like okay as an amateur, maybe people would be a little bit more skittish, it’s more of a hobby. As we get closer to the fight maybe, ah maybe, I don’t want to do this. As a pro it’s been alarming to me that it’s been eight months since my last fight, and we’ve been looking. It’s not like we were sitting back, relaxing. ‘Hey O’ man it’s our time.’ No, we’ve been hunting down fights and they haven’t been coming through.”

How excited are you to have this fight?
“I was through the roof. We had a fight scheduled that one didn’t come together, then we both signed again, and I was like ‘thank goodness.’ I was just very thankful to be able to get in another fight before the year is over; and if I’m real lucky we can get something done in December too.”

Lots of guys have tried and I’m pretty sure you’re expecting Kemoy to try to take you down?
“That’s definitely what I’m expecting, of course for him to mix it up. He seems well-rounded to me, but he primarily strikes me as a ground and pound kind of a fighter. Even with his extensive Jiu Jitsu credentials he still likes to be on top and kind of bang ya’ out essentially. Yeah, like most fights we’re going to look to keep this one standing. If we get to the ground, of course, I’m well-rounded; versed everywhere. I work with plenty of high-level brown and black belts myself. And I’d like to believe I do fairly well, but it be kinda foolish for me not to keep it in my strongest area.”

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Pro Card

  • Welterweight: Jalin Fuller 1-0 (Luttrell/Yee MMA, ABQ, NM) vs. Kemoy Anderson 0-0 (10th Planet El Paso, TX)
  • Lightweight: Ali “The Silent Assassin” Omar 1-1 (JW, ABQ, NM) vs. Michael Morgan 0-0
  • Flyweight: Jesse Tafoya 1-2 (JW, ABQ, NM) vs. Josiah Reyes 0-0 (Lutrell/Yee MMA, Santa Fe Fitness and Martial Arts)

Amateur Card:

  • Lightweight: Korey Windham 0-0 (Santa Fe Fitness, NM) vs. Baltazar Austin Loza 2-1 (Standfast Wrestling/MMA, Enid, OK)
  • Bantamweight: Andre Mitchell 2-5 (Independent, Rio Rancho, NM) vs. Derrick Pringle 2-0 (Jackson’s Four Corners)
  • Flyweight: Aaron Taylor 4-1 (Jackson’s Acoma, ABQ, NM) vs. Isiah Torres 7-2 (Steal City Fight Team, Pueblo, CO)
  • Featherweight: Rakim Thorpe 6-3 (JW, ABQ, NM) vs. Dakota Munro 5-6 (Gym King Dom BJJ/ Alpha Ape, Carlsbad, NM)
  • Featherweight: Val Guevara 0-0 (JW, ABQ NM) vs. Richard Jennings 4-2 (Desert Dynasty, Alamogordo, NM)
  • Welterweight: Caleb Gunter 1-0 (JW, ABQ, NM) vs. Daniel Kartushyn 2-1 (Lutrell/Yee MMA, ABQ, NM)
  • Heavyweight: Padro Ingram 1-0 (City Wolves, El Paso, TX) vs. Mario Moore 1-1 (Lutrell/Yee MMA)
  • Strawweight:  0-0 (Legacy, Las Cruces, NM) vs. David Hudson 1-1 (Desert Dynasty, Alamogordo, NM)

*Card subject to change

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