Tai Emery flashes breasts, breast implants, breast implants removed, Tai Emery

Tai Emery, fighter who flashed crowd at Bare Knuckle event, has breast implants removed after health concerns

Tai Emery, a professional combat sports athlete who famously made headlines in 2022 for flashing the crowd at a bare knuckle event, has announced that she had her breast implants removed after serious health concerns.

The 36-year-old Emery showed off her assets after a devastating first-round KO win over Rung-Arun Khunchai at BKFC: Thailand 3 last September. The Aussie jumped up on the ropes and stunned fight fans around the world by flashing the crowd after the fight and later going viral on social media.

Tai Emery flashes breasts, breast implants, breast implants removed, Tai Emery

Fast-forward nine months and the famed fighter has now announced a complete transformation.

“Important Health Notice: Sensitive Images Ahead 🔹

“Thank you to @kongjuclinic and staff for treating me immediately.

“After my debut I used my new found wealth on one major thing HEALTH because “Health Is Wealth!”
I sought after medical professionals @nikki__nurse__ , whom conducted thorough blood work, yet no definitive conclusions were reached. Each new found information left me at yet another option being crossed off what was making me so sick and no answers.

“Living in below health standard conditions during COVID in the Muay Thai gyms of Thailand I had parasites/worms/flesh eating bacteria and I just kept getting sick and unable to train over the last 3-4 years. Minor poisons/illnesses became significant threats due to the underlying health issues caused by the leaking implant.

“I am sharing my experience and the information collected in the hope that we can identify telltale indicators within blood reports and other data. My goal is to raise awareness and ensure that individuals with breast implants are vigilant about potential health implications.

“Reflecting on the images provided, I consider a few key factors:
• As a tradesperson for a decade, I habitually carried my mobile phone in my right pocket and my hand tools in the left.
• My background in professional football and various martial arts exposed me to physically demanding environments.
• The onset of peculiar illnesses coincided with a compromised immune system.

“Recently, I’ve engaged with others who have chosen to remove their implants and have observed positive health outcomes.

“I invite you to share your own stories or factual insights in the comments section. Let’s foster an open and informative dialogue to empower one another. Thank you for your understanding and support. 🙏🏼”


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