Dave Menne

The Dave Menne Chronicles (Part Five)

Dave Menne has the distinction of being the inaugural UFC middleweight champion. A pugilist with over 60 mixed-martial-arts fights over the course of his vaunted fight career. Menne’s activity in the sport dates back to before it was even called MMA. Where many utilized the NHB (No Holds Barred) moniker. Dave Menne made his pro-MMA debut in April 1997 and would go on to fight several times in a two day period. His competitive career ended in March 2012 after having encompassed three different decades.

In this part of a brand new chronicles series, Menne talks about his most memorable career moments; both good and bad.

Fights where he was able to achieve flow state and have his most comprehensive performances

“I guess I’d have to sit and think about that for a period of time. Up there, the Pele fight at the time. I was somewhat unknown at the time and he was ranked as number one in the world. I looked like a fuckin’ 14-year-old kid. So I think I upped my level for that.”

Dave Menne continued, “The whole tournament in Kuwait, you could say that I was there and on spot…There was a fight in like St Louis at the time. I hit a rolling kneebar off of it. Just going in there and everything just kind of clicked. Kid was tough, he was a decent level wrestler and stuff like that. But everything just went according to plan.”

Dave Menne

A buffet restaurant adjoined to the event hotel called “the octagon” getting many on the card sick

“I’ve had a couple of situations of various uncommon illnesses that crept up on me right before fights. Including a Connecticut fight with (Murilo) Bustamante. But half the card was throwing up and shitting themselves before the fight.”

Best career victories in Menne’s estimation

“I would probably say offhand (Carlos) Newton and Pele.”

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