Chelsea Chandler submits Liv Parker at Invicta FC 40

Chelsea Chandler submits Liv Parker at Invicta FC 40 - Photo by Dave Mandel/Invicta FC

The Jiu-Jitsu From Invicta FC 40

Invicta FC 40 only featured one submission win from Chelsea Chandler over Liv Parker. In the sport of mixed martial arts, jiu-jitsu happens a lot, especially when the fight hits the ground but for this piece, I’m only going to focus on the one submission finish from the event. 

When mixing striking and grappling, your knowledge and rank can fluctuate with every blow. Usually, the person on the receiving end of the strikes will forget what the proper technique is for the situation they’re in. At least until they can clear the cobwebs from a hefty strike. 

That was the case with Parker when she was hit with a hard straight left from Chandler. A well-placed body shot before that may have started the path to the ground and removed whatever she may have drilled to escape the position she wound up in. When Parker went down, Chandler went in for the kill. 

Chandler took advantage of the stunned Parker quickly. Her arm found her way under the chin, then she was able to get both hooks in, meaning she controlled Parker’s body by wrapping Parker’s hips with her legs and flattening her out to secure the choke. See her handy work below:

While I may have a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu, I earned it as a hobbyist in the art. I write that to acknowledge that saying about ‘plans changing when you get punched in the face’ holds true regardless of how refined your grappling skills are. Add fatigue from cutting weight on fight week before the big show and this fight, like any fight in the sport of MMA, can go any way at any given time. 

Fortunately for Chandler, it went her way at Invicta FC 40. Check out the full results from the event here

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