The Submissions of UFC 262

The Submissions of UFC 262

UFC 262 featured a lot of great finishes but the three submissions of the event were unique in their own right and they’ll be broken down here for those unfamiliar with “the gentle art” of making things bend or stop functioning how they’re supposed to. 

Let’s start with the first one of the night; Christos Giagos Brabo choke. 

Interestingly enough, Giagos almost lost this fight so let’s give the short notice Sean Soriano some credit for bringing his A-game. He nearly finished Giagos in the striking exchanges in round one, so Giagos was forced to take it to the ground in round two. In the scramble that ensued, Giagos was able to snatch up a Brabo/D’arce choke that made for a very slick submission.

What made this one great, was because Giagos was able to cinch in the choke and trap Soriano’s leg before their weight even hit the ground. For those unaware, the choke is essentially a head and arm choke, with the attacker’s arm threaded underneath their opponent’s arm and locking hands behind the neck. The fact that Giagos was able to both at the same time is probably why Soriano got caught with it. It happened fast, but take a look:

The next two submissions at UFC 262 are armbars, but they both have one thing in common. The use of their opponent’s MMA glove as the knot that locks it in. In no-gi grappling a sweaty hand can likely fidget free, but in MMA it’s like sticking your hand in a hole, making a fist, and trying to pull it out without releasing the fist.

Andrea Lee was trying to get a triangle for a long time before she transitioned to the armbar she eventually got. Antonina Shevchenko was defending but more stalling was going on than trying to improve her position. And that’s not a knock on Shevchenko either since most folks would likely have tapped from the triangle being locked that deep for as long as it was. 

Shevchenko was aware of the danger her arm was in too, but with Lee dropping elbows while adjusting for various submissions it was only a matter of time before she would secure Shevchenko’s wrist under, or more like through her armpit, making it impossible to escape. Check it out here:

Andre Muniz had the same idea when he had the back of Ronaldo Souza, who now has had his second broken arm from competing in combat sports. 

As Souza felt he could shake Muniz off his back Muniz took advantage of Souza’s attempt to slip him off and slip on to his right arm. Again, while transitioning to the armbar, Muniz threaded Souza’s gloved hand behind his lat and arm and with the help of gravity, Souza’s escape attempt and the pressure already being applied for the submission, Souza’s arm broke and the fight was over.

Thankfully, Souza was in good spirits as he updated fans in his Instagram account that his surgery went well and is now in recovery. 

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