Third Coast Grappling Kumite IV Live Results

Third Coast Grappling Kumite IV Live Results

When: July 11, 2020 Doors at 8, show starts at 9 p.m. EST

Where: The Sanctuary Gym 133 West Parkwood Ave, Friendswood, Texas.

How To Watch:

Rules/ Regulations 

ALL matches are 7-minutes unless otherwise negotiated

First fighter to either score 11 points or earn a submission wins

Advantages are NOT used for scoring points

To prevent stalling, a yellow card will be issued to either or both competitors.

If a second yellow card is issued, fighters are required to standup and restart.

A third stalling violation results in a red card, requiring the competitor to forfeit 20% of their prize money

In the event that there is not a winner after regulation time, overtime rules take effect:

Overtime is a sudden death format. The first competitor to score points or submit their opponent within five minutes wins.

Overtime is decided by whomever is up on points at the end of regulation. Whoever is ahead will choose top/bottom FULL GUARD or start on the feet

If no points scored, referee will decide who was aggressor and award them the opportunity to pick or defer to the other competitor.

If no Submission or Points scored in 5 minutes…referees will render a decision based on aggression, going for the finish, and legitimate submission attempts. Fighting to win…not to lose.

For no-gi, heel-hooks are permitted for fighters that are brown belts and higher unless otherwise negotiated.

Third Coast Grappling Kumite IV Fight Results Below….


Kumite Finals:

Cyborg vs. Fellipe Andrew: Cyborg winner by Guillotine.

Kumite Round 2:

Roberto Jimenez vs. Cyborg: Cyborg winner by Refs Decision.

Fellipe Andrew vs. Gabriel Almeida: Fellipe Andrew winner by Heel Hook.

Kumite Round 1:   

Nick Rodriguez vs. Roberto Jimenez: Roberto Jimenez winner by Refs Decision.

Arnaldo Maidana vs. Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu: Cyborg winner by Golden Score in OT (Takedown).

Fellipe Andrew vs. Lucas Barbosa: Fellipe Andrew winner by Triangle Armbar.

Gabriel Almeida vs. Guilherme Augusto: Gabriel Almeida winner by Refs Decision.

Gordon Ryan vs.  Brian Marvin *10 minute Charity Roll for the We Defy Foundation. Gordon Ryan finished the roll with a Rear Naked Choke with 3 seconds left.

Mona Bailey vs. Natalia Santoro: Mona Bailey winner by Tech Fall (11 points).

Dakota Hope-Lewis vs. Victor Seabra: Victor Seabra winner by DQ.

Josh Walker vs. Yadier Del Valle: Josh Walker winner by Golden Score in OT.

Desmond Rubio vs. Tyler Ard Gi Match: Desmond Rubio winner by Golden Score in OT (Takedown).

Sarah Torregrossa vs. Camila Lopez Gi Match: Camila Lopez winner by Golden Score in OT.

Hector Cuevas vs. Arlyn Arndt: Arlyn Arndt winner by Golden Score in OT (Takedown).

JT Little vs. Jose Ruiz Gi Match:  Jose Ruiz winner by Golden Score in OT.

3CG Kids Grapple Royale:

Andrew Ji

Athen Almarax

Marcus Salgado

Emmett Morgan

Zane Mangan

Brody Banks

Jose Aguilar Jr.

Emilio Cantu

Sun-Yoon Karas


Zane Mangan winner of the inaugural 3CG Grappler Royale. Zane was the 1st kid in and submitted everyone he faced.

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