Tim Means, Dirty Bird

Dec 7, 2019; Washington, DC, USA; Tim Means (blue gloves) after his win over Thiago Alves (not pictured) during UFC Fight Night at Capital One Arena. Mandatory Credit: Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

Tim “Dirty Bird” Means talks latest UFC win, benefits of CBD use

Following his quick and decisive submission win over Thiago Alves at UFC on ESPN 7, Tim “Dirty Bird” Means has announced that he has signed a new contract with the UFC and set a date on when he’d like to compete next in 2020, just a part of the checklist before closing the year on a high note!

It’s no secret, Means has been in there and battled it out with some of the worlds top welterweights for the biggest mixed martial arts promotion on the planet, the UFC. Amassing a 29-11 through his tenure, “Dirty Bird” has withstood his fair share of bumps and bruises through the course of his illustrious career.

Being a primed and conditioned world class athlete is a hard task for anyone to ask, let alone consistently keeping up with it for 18 years. With medical advancements, however, cannabis has become a knight in shining armor of sorts all over the world, especially in sports. CBD-the non psychoactive agent of the cannabis plant has played a quintessential role lately in sports recovery. CBD is cleared for usage under USADA’s rules and regulations, but being in the spotlight and under the strict testing policies, Means knows he can’t afford any hiccups at this point in the game. Preliminary studies have shown CBD’s benefits in aiding anxiety, cognition, movement disorders, as well as pain/inflammation, and Means has found a new sense of relief for any nagging training injuries.

Touching on his first hand use with CBD and how it’s helped him, Means claims:

“Just in recovery and soreness you know what I mean? Right away I noticed a big difference! And we’re drug tested by USADA so strictly, you know what I mean? And you never know when they’ll pop up and stuff, so everything has gotta be third party tested. I know what’s going into the product. I know the product works really well…So just recovery and soreness, man just has been a huge part of it. You know, we get the Thai liniments and the icy hots and things of that nature but we just don’t know what’s in the product! You know? There’s a reason I switched over to the CBD stuff and its absolutely helped me 100%!”

Continuing with, “all the studies they’ve done with it and all the science behind in it now… And these big companies trying to prove the negative in it and ALL they’ve done is prove the positive! So, if anything has gotten better over the years, its science! And science has proven that this absolutely does help with appetite and soreness and mental health!”

Which leaves us wondering…

“Why are we running from something that has this positive of results?”

Tune in for Episode 12 of MyMMArijuanaChronicles as Tim “Dirty Bird” Means discusses how CBD has effectively helped in his training recovery!

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