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Tim Means: ” For the most part the leg is feeling better, getting stronger”

In March, Tim Means suffered a TKO loss to Niko Price. When Means hit the ground he came out holding his leg. Five months later, the New Mexico fighter is almost fully cleared to return to training.

How is recovery going? I heard it’s been going very well.
“Recovery has been recovery. Some days hurt a little more than others. For the most part the leg is feeling better, getting stronger. I wrestled and grappled last week, did some shoot boxing. Can’t kick just yet, but kicking is coming in September.”

Can you tell me what the full extent of the injury was?
“I dislocated my ankle on top of breaking my ankle. I didn’t know that was possible. And I broke my Tibia. Had surgery; they had me in the cast two weeks and out of the cast, which I was surprised by. At the Performance Institute with Heather Lindland, I went out there (UFC PI) to see those guys and made sure my protocol was where it needed to be. That I was doing the work that the PI wanted me doing. They’ve been communicating with my strength and conditioning coach Dwayne Davis here and my athletic trainer here Eric Archuleta. I couldn’t say nicer things about what’s been going on. Some of its been challenging and painful or whatever, but for the most part I’m back in wrestling as of last week, cardio sucks. I’m looking at the guys warming up now. They’ve been training in the heat. I got sweat dropping down my head just sitting here. But everyone’s in shape and I look forward to going full board and being completely back in here soon. Doing cartwheels, if you’re a wrestler being able to shoot heel toe knee. I’m starting to be able to do that stuff, my double legs. So, it’s almost time. Shoot for a fight in November.”

Check out the full interview above.

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