Tips to stay fit using an exercise bike

Tips to stay fit using an exercise bike

Our current lifestyle relies so much on machines that often we lose on the benefits of physical exercise and get unhealthy.

We all know the advantages of cycling – how it can get our hearts pumping while letting us travel to different places and cutting back on pollution. However, it is not possible for a working individual to cycle to their workplace on a daily basis, owing to time constraints and busy schedule. Alternatively, you might not be an extremely outdoorsy person in general. The answer to all this is an exercise bike!! It is a piece of simple equipment that can help you burn those extra calories in the comfort of your home, while catching the latest episode of your favorite series, or reviewing that last-minute presentation you have to send to your boss immediately!

Here are a few tips and tricks to get the maximum out of your workout on an exercise bike:

Get the perfect bike according to your needs:

You need to decide what you want to achieve and choose your bike accordingly. Whereas low impact cardio is done best on upright bikes. Whereas, recumbent bike is best suited for you in case you have a lower back problem, or want to improve your spinal posture.

Set a plan:

A full-fledged workout needs to have both cardio and strength training in the right amount, both of which can be done using the bike. Varying your speed and time, you can easily work up your cardiac muscles to get your heart pumping. Also, use a proper posture with your back slightly bent and legs at the right angle to help tone your thigh and calf muscles, while increasing strength in your legs.

Do personalized interval training:

Depending on your fitness goal, chalk out a plan for yourself for interval training. Interval training is found to be the most effective way to reduce weight with maximum efficiency, while not tiring one out. To do this, start with a comfortable speed, and then increase gradually after a minute each. This helps your body get adjusted to the speed, while not getting used to it, to provide maximum benefits.

Utilize the resistance settings:

An exercise bike with different types of resistance settings provides an advantage over normal ones, mainly due to their ability to deliver a larger number of modes of workout. Depending on how advanced you are in your training, you can select the resistance accordingly. It is recommended to gradually increase the resistance over a period of time, to get the best possible results, and not let your body get used to a particular workout.

Never get too comfortable:

Whatever plans you follow, make sure you never get too comfortable with a single type of plan. Exercise bikes are sedentary; therefore, they may cause leg pain if done for an extremely long time. Alternately, if the same routine is followed every day, your body doesn’t get challenged to push its limits and may stay as it is. It is essential, therefore, to monitor your pace and time, during a workout on a bike.

Always cool down for maximum efficiency:

The main disadvantage of using a stationary exercise bike is the fact that since it involves using our leg muscles, muscle soreness can lead to cramps. After you are done with your workout, make sure to do mild cycling for 5 minutes, followed by another 5 minutes of a light stretch to avoid muscle tenderness.

Build your own motivation and workout regularly:

Understandably, not every sort of motivation works for everybody. Find out what motivates you to work out daily on the bike. Some people prefer to exercise with blasting music on headphones, whereas some work out better with a buddy. Also, exercise bikes are ideal for cramming your daily dose of cycling in your busy schedule in your own home, which pushes the lazier people to start exercising right away.
Nothing works unless you want it to work. Exercise bikes have an impressive number of features; however, they are useless unless you decide to make use of them. Follow the above tips to maximize your benefits and work out towards a healthier life.

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