Tito Ortiz Discusses Text From Dana White and Late Sub Release

Tito Ortiz says he’s ready to fight Chael Sonnen again and wants to fight at MSG

Coming off his victory over Chuck Liddell in November for Golden Boy MMA, Tito Ortiz seems ready to fight again, this time against another former opponent. After sharing some recent back-and-forth over Twitter, Tito Ortiz spoke with TMZ Sports and says he’s ready to take on Chael Sonnen after their most recent beef.

It started with Sonnen calling out Ortiz, asking him if he really wanted to fight and then following it up by taking a shot at Ortiz once he responded.

Ortiz would respond to Sonnen’s challenge during an interview with TMZ Sports in which he said that he is ready to fight Sonnen and said if the fight took place, it’d happen with Bellator MMA. Ortiz told TMZ Sports that he’s looking to smash Sonnen in their second fight and that he’s not looking to go easy this time around.

“I’m going to smash Chael. I’m not going to choke him, I’m not going to submit him. I’m going to smash him, I’m going to put on a show for the fans.”

While Ortiz said he’d like to get the fight between him and Sonnen on Bellator, he also mentioned that he would like to fight in Madison Square Garden, one of the few places he has never fought in his career.

“I was the first UFC fighter to fight in California, I was the first one to fight in Las Vegas, I was the first one to fight in Florida, so I might just add to my repertoire of being able to go to Madison Square Garden and fight where the greatest have fought. Just to do something great for Mixed Martial Arts at the expense of Chael Sonnen. The guy has a loud mouth, I’m gonna shut him up. Like I said, I’m not going to choke him, I’m not going to submit him, I’m going to pummel him for three rounds and give the fans what they want to see, and that’s a great fight.”

There is no word if Bellator is looking to make this fight happen but if they do, it’ll be the second time Ortiz and Sonnen fought each other under the Bellator MMA promotion. Back in January of 2017, Ortiz defeated Sonnen by first-round submission at Bellator 170.

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