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Top Ten Derrick Lewis Post Fight Interviews of All Time

Derrick Lewis is one of the most famous fighters in MMA today. While he’s a heavyweight that can put anyone’s lights out in the blink of an eye, it’s his post fight antics that have fans tuning in to his fights to see what crazy and hilarious thing he will say next. The Black Beast, as he is known, says the most insane things after winning fights, having fans in stitches as they listen to him on the mic. Lewis takes on Curtis Blaydes on November 28th at UFC Vegas 15 and then turns around on December 20th to do a grappling match with Ryan Bader on Submission Underground 19. In preparation, I’ve done the hard work and research to determine Derrick Lewis’ top ten post fight interviews. I don’t do listacles, but this one is appropriate!

#10 Viktor Pesta – UFC 192

“It felt lovely. It felt good to be in the H-Town, baby, wassup?…”I knew he ain’t had that good cardio. My cardio isn’t all that but I know it’s better than his, shit. I just wanted to put on for my city. It’s like a dream come true. I love Houston, man. Damn, nothing but love.”

In the early days, Lewis was more measured and didn’t say much. He did show shades of his humorous side at the end of his fight at UFC 192. But, in Houston, he showed a little of himself with a quick one liner about his cardio.

#9 Gabriel Gonzaga – UFC Fight Night 86

“No habla ingles. Go ahead…what he say? I feel real good. I want to be top 15 and I’m on the hunt for that title. It was a perfect opportunity to fight Gabriel. I appreciate him for stepping up…I train with the best gym in the world, Four Ounce Fight Club, Houston Muay Thai. I just want to give a shoutout to one of my head coaches that passed away last week. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t even be here. So, thank you.”

Here, Derrick Lewis shows a little more humor by speaking Spanish…after beating Gabriel Gonzaga…who is Brazilian…in Croatia. Lewis clowned out a little bit more in the early stages in his career with the UFC. More would be to had later on.

#8 Shamil Abdurakhimov – UFC Fight Night 102

“That was one of my terribleist fights of all time. I didn’t like my performance at all. It was a five round fight, I just tried to pace myself but that was some bullshit…That was my plan but I expected a better performance. I’m disappointed in that…He got me in my eye. I’m still seeing double vision right now. That was some bullshit still on my part, should have kept my hands up…Shit, I was going to say I want Travis Browne or Mark Hunt but this performance right here is some bullshit so imma sit my ass down.”

While this one isn’t funny in Lewis’ traditional sense, his critique of himself is put in the most accurate Derrick Lewis way. He took all the blame on having an eye injury and repeatedly called his performance “some bullshit.”

#7 Roy Nelson – UFC Fight Night 90

“Shit, it is what it is. Heart of a champion. Shit, fuck what y’all talking about, Black Beast in this hoe, shit. You can’t expect for somebody to win out here and all he want to do is hugging. Fuck y’all talking about?…Shit, I’m a champ by heart. I don’t give a fuck, I’m going to keep going, no matter if we go five rounds or three rounds, no matter how tired I get. I’m gonna keep going. Shit, swangin’ and bangin’, H-town on that boy…I would like to get a rematch with Roy Nelson. I promised a finish. I don’t like winning by decision, but it is what it is.”

In an underwhelming fight, Derrick Lewis was getting booed by the Roy Nelson fans who thought Nelson won the fight. No stranger to being in an awkward spot, Lewis had no reservations about defending his fight and fired back at Nelson. Then he represented his town like he loves to do.

#6 Alexey Oleinik – UFC Vegas 6

“Yeah, I gotta take a shit, ma. Oh, hello? Oh, yeah, yeah, wassup?…It feels good, especially, shit, he had that British bulldog, whatever the hell that was. The head submission he had on me, he had it pretty deep. I couldn’t breathe at all. So, fuck it. I’m just glad the time ran out in time…It feels good especially knowing that I’m not where I need to be at. I’m really not going to take no more fights until I walk around in the 250-245 range. I’ve got to get down at least 15 or 20 pounds. I’m not going to take no more fights at 260-something…Three in a row man, god damn…Hopefully in December. Sometime in December. Right now, that’s all I’m going to focus on, trying to get my weight down. Really go home and see my kids, my wife, April, three kids, Jasmine, Rashawn, Brayden. Shoutout to my mom, my brother and sisters. I appreciate everybody for supporting me.”

In his most recent win against Alexey Oleinik, an innocent gaffe had fans dying at Lewis needing to use the bathroom. This wasn’t the first time we’ve heard about Lewis’ bowel movements either. Then there’s Lewis getting fussed at in the headphones for swearing on ESPN+.

#5 Derek Lewis vs. Blagoy Ivanov – UFC 245

“That was all my team, Alyssa at Roundhouse, Larry Crowe. I appreciate everybody for coming out showing support. Shoutout to that boy Donald Trump. I know everything ain’t going good in the White House but shit, you gotta turn that shit around in 2020, you know what I’m talkin’ about?…Yeah for sure. I really was trying to hit him in that booty hole that he got on his chest, but shit. My hands too wet. I know he like it raw in that ass, so it’s my fault.”

The top five in the list are very top heavy. Starting here, the seemingly-invincible Blagoy Ivanov could not be put away by Derrick Lewis. Lewis went on to shout out to Donald Trump telling him he has to get it together for the election as well. Then Lewis threw a barb at Ivanov’s chest that was rather graphic.

#4 Ilir Latifi – UFC 247

Joe Rogan: “Are you taking your shorts off again, man?” Derrick Lewis: “Na, I forgot where I was at…It was very important, that’s why 24/7 hours a week I was smokin’ weed. I will never be Joe Rogan high, though, in the octagon…That’s the way I told my coach to tell me how much time we got left. That’s whenever The Beast come out…I guess that boy got a chin. I appreciate everybody coming out. Thanks for the support!…After party at Little Woodrow’s. I’ll let y’all buy me five shots, I’m not buying y’all shit though. Come on out!”

Fresh off the famous interview from Lewis at UFC 229, Joe Rogan thought he was going to have a repeat performance from a pantless Lewis. Lewis goes on to tell his secret to the fight: he was smoking weed. In the end, he tells everyone where the after party will be, but don’t expect a handout from The Black Beast himself, but he did accept patronage.

#3 Travis Browne – UFC Fight Night 105

“I just do number two, that’s all. It’s not really hurting from the kick, I just got to bo-bo…I just know I have a bigger heart than him, you know. He calls himself a man but he likes to put his hands on women. So, forget that guy. I got much more heart than his ass. Where Ronda Rousey fine ass at?…We just got to go back and press the reset button. I need a break, fighting every other month, every two months like that, just puts me in a bad mood at home with my family. So I just feel like I need some time off. I don’t want  to hear nothing about no fight in the next three months…All the training and all the sex I been getting, my body needs some time off…Right here I was like, ‘Hopefully it do what I was training it do.’ He came in and I wanted to slip his right, just like my coach told me…Hey Canada, I love y’all guys, man. You know, I’ m from Texas. I’m not with all this snow. Y’all can have that shit. For real.”

This interview is probably where where Lewis really started to take off time-wise. After losing for much of the fight, Derrick Lewis knocked out Travis Browne, who has had domestic abuse claims against him, and proceeded to call out Browne’s then fiance and UFC super star, Ronda Rousey. Then Lewis went on to tell us why he’s so tired, he’s an active man. Finally, Derrick Lewis thanked Canada for having him but told them to keep that snow of theirs.

#2 Marcin Tybura – UFC Fight Night 126

“What they know about them Texas boys?…That’s the way I fight. I know you’re new to the game, you coming over from Bellator. That’s the way I do it, baby…I just believed in myself. I just know I had to touch him one more time and that’s it. Them boys in Texas, they hit, man. I just want to give a shoutout to my wife, April, that boy Trey the truth, man. He did a lot out there in those Houston streets saving everybody. Relief game. My baby, April, you better get ready, girl, I’m going deep!”

The UFC shies away from mentioning other promotions that it’s in competition with. They instruct commentators to avoid mentioning Bellator. With Jimmy Smith commentating for the UFC coming from Bellator, Lewis does not shy away pointing out where Smith comes from, and welcomes Smith to the big leagues. Then, earlier in 2018, Hurricane Harvey devastated Lewis’ home town of Houston. Lewis commemorated the great people that helped put the city back together. Then he calls out his next opponent: his wife.

#1 Derrick Lewis vs. Alexander Volkov – UFC 229

“My balls was hot…I told them boys, I got nothing but heart. They keep on underestimating me, shit, I ain’t all that technical and all that, shit I’m getting there. Fuck it…I forgot, a few hours before the fight, Donald Trump called me and told me I got to knock this Russian motherfucker out because they making him look bad on the news. Him and Putin and shit, you know, fuck what they talking about, USA in this hoe, fuck…I need to sit my black ass down and do some more cardio. Fuck what you talking about right now. I ain’t trying to fight for no title right now, not with no gas tank like that, shit…Thanks for having me. Hey, maybe next week some time, or two weeks from now, I’m going to come on your show and smoke some weed with you.”

Of course “My balls was hot” is number one. This interview with Derrick Lewis has it all. Jokes about genitals, swearing, Donald Trump jokes, self awareness, drugs. Derrick Lewis delivers a complete masterpiece at UFC 229. What makes this interview even more legendary, Derrick Lewis did all these shenanigans on the UFC’s biggest pay per view ever: Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Conor McGregor. It is doubtful that Lewis will ever top this, but never say never.

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