Ashlee Evans-Smith travels globe for a kiss

Ashlee Evans-Smith travels globe for a kiss

After UFC Hamburg win, Ashlee Evans-Smith travels globe for kiss

After UFC Hamburg win, Ashlee Evans-Smith travels globe for kiss

Ashlee Evans-Smith (5-1) is coming off her second consecutive win inside the octagon after defeating Veronica Macedo via third round TKO this past weekend in Hamburg, Germany.

Evans-Smith, a native of California traveled to Germany for the fight at UFC Fight Night 93 but rather than celebrate her victory in Deutschland or return home to the States, the rising 135-pounder traveled to Australia….. for a kiss.

It appears as if love is in the air as Evans-Smith hopped on a plane to the ‘Land Down Under’ where she linked up with new beau and fellow mixed martial artist, Julian Wallace.

Update – User deleted Instagram post

Wallace (6-4),  also known as ‘Julz the Jackal’ is a native of Australia who competed one week prior to his girlfriend, Evans-Smith.  He was submitted by Gustavo Falciroli in the main event at XFC 27 on August 27.

Wallace is known for being tattooed head-to-toe and for a YouTube video that went viral after he attempted to intimidate one time opponent Ben Nguyen at the pre-fight weigh-ins, by getting into his face and trying to put Nguyen off his game. It backfired as Wallace was knocked out just 25-seconds into the fight.

None of that matters however as both he and Evans-Smith seem happy together as a couple even if they do live on opposite sides of the globe.  He even surprised her by taking her to see one of her favorite metal bands, Suicide Silence, play last night in Sydney.

Update – User deleted instagram post

The day before Evans-Smith’s fight, Wallace wrote:

“My baby made weight flawlessly yesterday, has hydrated up and is all ready for war at UFC fight night In Germany today!! I have been waiting to long to see her back in the cage❤️? Every day has been romantically painful due to your heart and determination, though your whole preparation has been flawless this I know.
Hearing how giving your team have been in every battle makes me so happy. Hearing you speak about the love you have for them and the love they have for you is the greatest win in itself..
That truly shows with how far you have come and how fast you have dominated.
Hearing all your good days and your bad days leading up to this fight has been the most special to me. You have no idea. And the fact that you even involve me means more to me then you will know.
You are the most Beautiful women I have met and your talent, ability and the way you can express yourself in everything that you do has changed my whole life and my way of thinking and accepting.
My acceptance and forgiveness has been something I learnt from you.
For that you are my hero❤️ Inside and outside of fighting you have shown me so much.
being involved in every moment has been such an experience for me and you came to me at a time I needed you most.
Fuck knows what I have done to deserve meeting you.. I don’t remember saving a herd of baby ducklings of the highway…… ?
The things you have managed to get through in this camp has been so admirable. You got me through so many bad days in my own prep just hearing how strong you have been in yours every day ❤️ You have been my greatest friend and training partner from so far away.. I just can’t wait to feel the effect you have on me when you are right beside me.
I can not wait to see your performance today babe❤️ If it is anything like your days leading up and your days shared with me then it will be a performance I will never forget. ? I think regardless on today, your fight day in, day out, has been one I will carry through every fight of my own. And Every day form now. And I have. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Let’s take another step up the rankings baby! My Rebel Girl ??? for another Finish ❤️?❤️?? #BabyBear @ashleemma #RebelGirl”

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