UFC bringing Performance Institute to Shanghai in 2019

As the UFC prepares for Fight Night 141 which goes down in Beijing, China on November 24, the promotion announced a ground-breaking Performance Institute facility that will open in Shanghai, China in 2019. The Performance Institute is scheduled to open in mid-2019, will be a multi-Million-dollar project from construction and investment, and will be 93,000 square feet.

Shanghai’s Performance Institute will be three times bigger than the original Performance Institute which is located in Las Vegas, Nevada and has become the home for many fighters to get state of the art training and physical care for their fight camps.

The new Shanghai Performance Institute will open with a focus on developing both male and female fighters in China and all throughout Asia as well as looking to expand’s the sport’s growth in Asia as well. The new facility will also be a way for the UFC to scout and develop talent from Asia in hopes to expand their roster globally.

A video released by the UFC shows some of the features that will come to the facility which has two floors that are the “performance floor” and the “mixed martial arts floor” giving full attention to each aspect of the fight game.

Since the UFC opened the Performance Institute in Las Vegas, many fighters have come into Vegas to not only get them high-level training, but also high-level performance and scientific physical breakdowns of their bodies to help with peak health while training. The facility has been known to help fighters who are struggling with their weight cut get a better handle on their nutrition as well as top recovery options for any injuries sustained.

The facility’s unique focus on performance and martial arts being separated by floor will give fighters the opportunity to spend time only focusing on their physical performance and then the opportunity to focus on their performance inside the Octagon. The performance floor will have unique equipment such as the DEXA Scan and metab0lic cart, fueling stations, underwater treadmills, and flotation tanks to name a few.

On the martial arts floor, fighters will be given the opportunity to work on their training with camera analysis and motion capture technology. There will also be two 25′ regulation Octagons, a regulation boxing ring, and 4,000 sq. ft mat area for fighters to work on all aspects of their training.

In addition to the news about the state-of-the-art facility coming to Shanghai, ESPN’s Brett Okamoto also reports that Mexico will be getting the next Performance Institute, as it’s clear the UFC is looking to make a global impact with their facilities.

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