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Video: Belal Muhammad on upcoming bout and the state of the division

Interview with Belal Muhammad above

Belal Muhammad is straight off an impressive win over Lyman Good back in June and now he has his next matchup all set. Muhammad will be facing Sean Brady on Dec. 19 in Las Vegas. Although after his win over Good, Muhammad was set to face a ranked opponent next, this bout with Brady is a tough matchup for Muhammad, something he looks for in his fights. He spoke about the ranked fighters in the welterweight division and there lack of activity during the time of the pandemic.

“I literally asked for every ranked opponent there is out there,” Muhammad said. “I can’t make these guys say yes. You could see it now with all these guys coming up with excuses saying, ‘no, I don’t want to fight below me.’ They all use that excuse and now with the whole COVID thing they all have the excuse of, ‘oh, I can’t train during COVID,’ and you are barely seeing any ranked guys fight. For me, Sean Brady is a 13-0 guy with a lot of hype behind him.”

There is one man in particular that Muhammad feels should be doing more fighting and less talking and that is Lean Edwards.

“Guys like Leon Edwards piss me off,” Muhammad explained. “Like you haven’t fought in over a year and the last guy you fought was Rafael dos Anjos who has literally probably lost four in a row to guys in the division. You beat Cerrone who isn’t really a seventy pounder, you beat Gunner Nelson who is on his way out, so your last three wins you haven’t really beat the higher ranked guys in the division. You aren’t active on social media. You don’t have the fans saying, ‘hey give Leon Edwards a title shot.” You are basically talking for yourself, crying, being a cry baby saying, ‘I deserve this, I deserve that,’ You’re asking for fights that don’t make sense.”

Muhammad prides himself on his ability to stay genuine both inside the cage and out. He is not a fan of the fake trash talk. He is the host of ‘Remember the Show’ on Youtube and there is where he can really showcase his personality. He would rather put of some fun then some fake trash talk.

“We are in a day and age where you have to trash talk. You have to promote yourself to the fans. You have to make the fans want to see you. For me, I’m not going to fake it. I’m not going to do a Colby Covington and just call everybody trash. I want to give the fans a piece of my personality. The fans know when you are being genuine or not.”

Muhammad will continue to face tough opponents and be himself while continuing to work his was up the rankings.


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