UFC octagon girl, Brittney Palmer

What it takes to date a UFC Octagon Girl: Featuring Brittney Palmer

UFC octagon girl Brittney Palmer is off the market as she is currently involved in a relationship but that didn’t stop MyMMANews.com reporter John Eric Poli from asking the questions many guys want to know the answers to.

What does it take to date a UFC octagon girl?

“I love a sense of humor,” Palmer told Poli. “I love someone who can get my jokes and also tell me jokes.  I really enjoy laughing and giggling and having banter.”

Palmer, who states that she is 5′ 5″ says that height really isn’t an issue, but abs are a must.  No dad bods for Brittney.

When asked where a place for might be a good first date, Palmer provided some insight as to what guys should be looking for.

“Probably just a really great restaurant with good wine and a good atmosphere,” Palmer said. “Just a cool vibe.  Nothing too stuffy or fancy but something that is thoughtful and a good place with good cocktails.”

You can check out that clip above or catch the full interview with Palmer, who won the 2020 Ringcard Girl of the Year at the 12th Annual World MMA Awards, here. This marked the third time that she was awarded the honor. Palmer spoke to MyMMANews about winning the award, her UFC and modeling careers as well as her upcoming painting project with Topps in 2021.


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