What Kind of Sports Can You Play in Whistler?

If you love sports, it becomes a part of your everyday life.  You think about the next time you can compete, what new events you can try, and what areas offer the best environment to compete and play in.

Whistler has you covered.  With dozens of different sports you can try here and a large array of surfaces, heights, and difficulties: visiting Whistler is the best way to ensure you’ll try something new.  These are the sports anyone could try in Whistler and why you should test them out soon!


The most obvious sport to try in Whistler is skiing!  For over six months of the year, these mountains are covered by a dense layer of ice and snow and become the perfect texture for skiing.  This is awesome for fans of the sport who want to try skiing in the same location as the 2010 Winter Olympic Sports.  Although it can be daunting to take on the steeper areas, it’s worth it for the 


If you’re looking at real estate for sale in Whistler, chances are you’ll want sports you can do year-round.  When the winter fades, and the snow thaws out, the glacial rivers run bright blue and become fantastic places to go kayaking!  This exciting sport lets you use your body to guide yourself on a boat through the water.  There are many different streams that go at different speeds, but you’ll never have to worry about running out of options!


Although skiing is popular, snowboarding is even more popular with the younger crowds.  Allowing you to surf down the sides of mountains with incredible speed, this sport requires immense balance and a raised ability to plan ahead.  There’s nothing quite like snowboarding to get you into motion and make those icy slopes not feel so cold after a long day.


In the spring and summer, when the snow has retreated, there are countless trails that open up to everyone.  Several biking trails in Whistler allow you to take on this fun and interesting hobby so that you can work your legs as much as you want.  The faster you go, the more hazardous this gets, so make sure that you’re prepared and have a helmet and a first aid kit!


Some trails in Whistler allow snowmobiling!  Although you have to be sixteen or older to operate one of these vehicles within the park, it’s an incredibly fun way to get around and enjoy the fresh air.  These can be hazardous, so pay attention to your surroundings at all times and make safe decisions. 

Cross Country Running

If biking isn’t your speed, there are multiple running trails!  These are available up and down the mountains, around rivers, and across valleys, letting you pick an elevation that works for you.  This is a fun and rewarding sport and is one of the best things to try during the summer.

Whistler is Made for Fun Competition

Whether you’re serious about competing, or you just want to have some fun and burn off some extra energy, Whistler has you covered.  This city was made for competitive sports, so consider traveling and trying it out soon!

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