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What Types of MMA Bets Can You Place?

Alongside the MMA growing into a huge worldwide success, betting on the sport has also grown considerably over the past few years. We are now in a position where there are many betting opportunities available to punters every time a big MMA event takes place.

With many online bookmakers now taking bets on MMA, betting on our favourite sport has never been as easy. However, before you take your first steps into MMA gambling, it is important to know about the different types of bet you can place, and how each one works.

Money Line

This is a term that gamblers who bet on other sports will know of. The money line is simply who will win the event, whether this is an MMA fight or NFL game. This is the easiest way to get involved and a great place for newcomers to begin. Those looking to place a bet on the money line of any upcoming MMA fight should check out the range of bookmakers available at where you will find many offering competitive odds on the upcoming events.

Method of Victory

You can check out a range of bookmakers that offer many different betting markets including the method of victory market here. This is a way in which you can bet on a fighter to win by a specific method, something that allows you to increase the odds on your selection as you are narrowing down the end outcome.

You can use your own MMA knowledge here, for example if you have a good technical fighter with submission moves instead of betting on them to simply win the fight, you can instead back them to win via submission to increase the odds. Of course, if they win by knockout then you have a losing bet despite them winning, so tread carefully when placing this one.

Round Betting

Those looking to narrow things down even further can do so by using this betting market. The round betting market is not a market where you have to choose which fighter wins, although you can if you wish to increase the odds. This market is instead all about what round the fight will end. Will we see a first round knockout, or will the fight go the distance.

If you think a fighter has a big advantage and can finish things off early then you can use this market to your advantage to increase the odds on your fighter. Instead of backing someone to win the fight on the money line at poor odds, you can increase them by adding in this market. Here you can back your fighter to win in the first round if you are so confident, or choose any other round you like and select your fighter to win in that particular round.

This of course adds another element to your bet and makes it a lot tougher to land, but the odds on offer are increased to show this and if you are looking to stake low with the chance of winning big, this is one market that offers you the chance to do this.

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