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Is There Any Evidence of Fixed MMA Matches?

The subject of fixed sporting events rears its head from time to time, but over the past few years, MMA has seen more than its fair share of stories, possible fixes and questions about integrity. This has even led people to believe that MMA is just another WWE, with people behind the scenes calling everything. While this is not the case, there are people behind the scenes who can have an impact on particular individuals and while they are not fixing the fight, they are creating a path for the sport and its competitors to go down.

Choosing the Fights

While the majority of people are happy that what happens in the octagon is real, that is not to say that what happens outside and behind the scenes is all done in the correct manner. Fights are chosen and people can either be looked after or pushed towards a certain storyline when the fights are chosen, and this is something the MMA used to do, and to a certain extent they probably still do.

Those looking at things from a betting point of view should take note of this. While the action happening in the ring is fair and above board, something you can bet on, it is worth looking out for underlying storylines when you are placing your bets, this is a good way to stay ahead of the game. Those looking to place a bet can do so with one of the many bookmakers listed on the website Here you will find many that offer a variety of ways to bet on the MMA action.

Whether it is a straight win bet or someone to win by submission, TKO or any other method, that can all be done here. Those betting can use their MMA knowledge to their advantage if they think outside of the box a little. For example, has the match been set to give someone an easy path to a belt, or has the match been set to create a grudge match in the future? Someone chooses the matches and while what happens in the ring isn’t controlled, who fights who is, and usually there is a reason for setting up the fights.

The MMA Does Not Let Champions Retire with a Belt

Look back in the past at some of the great champions we have had, and they never retire with the belt in possession. While this is not a sign that a match is fixed, it is another sign that strings are pulled behind the scenes to prevent this from happening.

The MMA wants a retiring fighter to lose and hand over the title to a new up and coming star that they can promote. This doesn’t take too much away from the retiring fighter, with Randy Couture being a prime example of that, still receiving accolades for his work in the octagon. To do this they have to keep putting the champion in a position where he may lose his title, which would mean a string of tough bouts. While he won’t throw a fight, eventually the tough schedule will wear him down, and force him to eventually lose somewhere along the line.

This is something else you can take into your betting. Although it isn’t a guarantee, the champions who look as though they may be about to retire will often find themselves in very tough matchups, with the possibility of losing their belt. Chuck Liddell is a prime example of this, he was beaten by the much lesser known Rashad Evans when losing his title before retirement, a bout that pushed Evans into the spotlight.


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