Whos Number One Whos Number One Gordon Ryan vs Felipe Pena III

Who’s Number One: Gordon Ryan vs. Felipe Pena III

Who’s Number One

When: Sunday, August 7, 2022 at 8pm EST

Where: Dallas, Texas

How To Watch: Flograppling.com

August 7th the Jiu-Jitsu world will all be watching Who’s Number One. Why??? Because Gordon Ryan will take on Felipe Pena for the third time. Why is this so important? It’s because Gordon Ryan is the P4P #1 grappler on the planet and Pena has defeated him not once but twice.


A match that has been a long time coming is finally here. Gordon wants redemption against the only man to submit him at black belt and Pena wants to prove the first two matches were not flukes. Not to mention the match is a no time limit sub only main event.

Also on the card is a match between American Jiu-Jitsu legend, Rafael Lovato Jr, and the multi time world gi champion Nicholas Mergali. And “the lady Goat,” Bia Mesquita takes on rising star, Liz Clay.

The card is stacked with some of the best grapplers and lots of ADCC implications on the line. Tune in to Flograppling Sunday, August 7th and prepare for fireworks!

Main Card

Gordon Ryan vs Felipe Pena – No time limit, 110 kg / 242lb Heavyweight Title: Gordon Ryan winner due to verbal tap (exhaustion).

Nicholas Meregali vs Rafael Lovato Jr: Nicholas Meregali winner by Decision. 

Mica Galvao vs Alan Sanchez: Mica Galvao winner by Rear Naked Choke. 

Beatriz Mesquita vs Elisabeth Clay: Bia Mesquita winner by Decision. 

Jay Rodriguez vs Jacob Couch: Jacob Couch winner by Decision. 


Fabricio Andrey vs Fabian Ramirez: Fabricio Ramirez winner by Decision. 

Diogo Reis vs Estevan Martinez: Diogo Reis winner by Decision. 

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