Workout Of The Week: C-4, explosive exercise named after Jamie Varner

Workout Of The Week: C-4, explosive exercise named after Jamie Varner

Back in the day, when the UFC magazine was still around, they would always put in a spotlight workout routine from a top-tier UFC fighter.

One of the routines was from veteran UFC and WEC fighter, Jamie Varner.

Varner has one of the best nicknames in all of sports, C-4. With his explosive wrestling background and his dynamite like knockout blows, C-4 fit perfectly.

In the strength and conditioning workout he posted, Varner split the routine up into two days. I took his routine split it up into three days, and gave it my own special twist with my own special style.

The workout consists of many supersets (SS) meaning you go from one exercise to the next without a rest and then repeat the two exercises 4 or 5 more times depending on the amount of sets. After one superset take a 30 second to 1 minute rest before continuing onto the next set. Then when all the sets are done take a 2 minute rest before moving on to the next superset.

The way I programmed the routine, you will be getting your strength and cardio up while working hard in short quick bursts. The C-4 workout will get that explosive strength and iron man cardio that you will need for your preparation going into your fight camp leading up to your next fight.

Bombs away!

C4.1 Mondays:

C-4 workout
Brian doing arm snatch

Clean and Press 1 warm-up x 20 then  3x 4-6
Deadlift  1 warm-up x 20 then  3x 4-6
1Arm Snatch 1 warm-up then x 20 3x 4-6

Box Jump 20
SS 3 or 4x

Pistol Squat 10 each

DB 1 Alt Bench  Press 15 each
SS 3 or 4x
1 Arm DB Row 15 each

Hyperextensions 15
SS 3 or 4x
Front Plank 1minute.


C4.2 Wednesdays:

Dips 20
SS 3 or 4x

Jamie Varner C-4 workout
Brian doing the 30 yard bag push

Ball Slams 20

Bag or Sled Push 30 yards
SS 3 or 4x
KB Deadlifts (Stiff Leg) 15

HR Pushups 20
SS 3 or 4x
Bag Flip 10

Cable Wood Choop High 8 each
SS 3 or 4x
Wood Chop Low 8 each

*Side Plank Tabatas (10 rounds 20seconds ON 10 seconds OFF = 5min).


C4.3 Fridays:

KB Swings 20
SS 3 or 4x
Pullups  10

KB Lunges 15 each
SS 3 or 4x
Bulgarian Split Squat 10 each

Bosu Pushups 20

Bosu pushup - Jamie Varner C-4 workout
Brian doing Bosu pushup

SS 3 or 4x
KB Sumo Squats High Pull 10

Alternating Rope Slams 25 each

SS 3 or 4x

Rope Slam Hip Throws 15 each

*Rower: 500 meters (rest 50 seconds)

400 meters (rest 40 seconds)

300 meters (rest 30 seconds)

200 meters (rest 20 seconds)

100 meters.


Good luck and have fun!



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