5 Apps to Improve Your Time Management Skills

5 Apps to Improve Your Time Management Skills

Modern society requires unceasing movement. We are all in an insane stream that carries us throughout our lives. Multitasking, efficiency, speed in decision-making are the main skills that are so necessary to keep afloat. However, the human body is not a mechanism that always works at the limit of its resources.

Fortunately, we can always ask for help from specialists. For example, if you are a student, then a free essay writer will be the personal savior of you and your academic performance. However, it is quite real to organize yourself in such a manner to cope with all the tasks independently. Therefore, we suggest reviewing the list of apps that will help restore productivity, as well as organize your time.

Remember the Milk

Do you think that collecting all the tasks in one place is unrealistic? We hurry to please you. With Remember the Milk, everything is possible. Convenient interface and cute cow are ready to serve only for the benefit of each user! The application is easily synchronized with Gmail, as well as with many other mailboxes. You can easily transfer all events from the calendar in order not to miss an important date. The application will remind you of each planned action, and will also help to structure all the necessary tasks so that you have time to do all the work and leave time for rest and entertainment.


The time, perhaps, is the fastest consumable resource. It is always not enough for all of our needs and whimsies. And in order to have time to do as much as possible, we have to puzzle over how to distribute all the important things and have time to do them all. Fortunately, this is no longer necessary. The application clearly shows how and where it’s better to place a particular task. The user needs to specify an approximate time to complete this task. Thanks to the visual display by means of bright graphs, the user will be able to visually see a full picture of the time spending.


Multitasking and functionality is the motto of this application. The application has a huge base of features. You can instantly transfer information from the papers to your phone only by scanning the document by your gadget. For the convenience of users, the application easily integrates with other related applications (for example, Remember the Milk), which makes it possible to supplement your notes, transfer information between applications. Instant sharing of the notes between users is also available.


How much time do we spend in order to remember our numerous passwords from sites and applications? But what if our memory is not so reliable? Then paper notebooks with password records can be used. But it often happens that we write the password on a piece of paper, and after a while, it disappears. However, there is a solution. This is the smallest notebook that will always be at hand. One app provides access to all your required sites. It is much more efficient when the memory is occupied with really important things, not with a password, isn’t it?


You have several mailboxes, and you are tired of moving from one to another each time, constantly entering passwords and logins? We must also try not to get confused in mailboxes, do not accidentally confuse work mail with personal mailbox. For this situation, Shift was created. To get instant access to all mailboxes, you only need to click once with the mouse on the icon of the desired mailbox. The app also syncs with many apps, such as Trello, Airbnb, and the calendar on all your gadgets.

Do you have the favorite time management app? You are welcome to write a comment!

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