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Aaron Phillips is Fired Up After Fire Power 3 Win

Aaron Phillips picked up a win at Fire Power 3 on Thanksgiving Weekend and the dominant victory puts him right back on track to where he wants to be in his fighting career.  When he spoke with MyMMANews before the fight, he said he was hoping for an opportunity with the UFC, whose doors he just recently passed through so he knows they have his number.

Most fight fans know of Phillips from his stint on The Ultimate Fighter and while he came up short there, the experience let him know how to move forward in the long game that is the career of a professional fighter. Phillips is so motivated, when he spoke with MyMMANews after his recent victory he was driving on the way to the gym to get more training in. While he was not driving distracted, (Note to fighters, try not to drive distracted) it was easy to see that Phillips’ focus is zeroed in on improving as a martial artist. 

“I’m feeling pretty great,” Phillips said. “I came out of that fight pretty much 100%, except the gash on my eyebrow which was only four stitches which wasn’t too bad.”

With the year closing and picking up a win, Phillips says he is not looking to take too long of a break. When asked what he’s looking for in 2022, he said “ Stay as active as possible, stay healthy, stay active. Just keep on training and just getting better because I felt really really good during this last fight and as far as like how much I improved and how the confidence level was. So, from here it’s just up I think, and as long as I stay injury-free I’ll be pretty active in 2022.”

It’s not just fighting either that Phillips is looking to be active and improving in. One thing he picked up while doing The Ultimate Fighter was recording himself. In this day and age of social media, building your skills as a fighter isn’t enough. Well, it should be but building a brand matters a lot now too.

When Phillips gave out his Instagram and Twitter handles, he said, “I’m thinking about posting some recipes on there from The Ultimate Fighter that I loved, mainly just how to asparagus.” 

He definitely will be documenting his journey and said he is most active there so if you want to see how his 2022 goes, or how fighters like their asparagus make sure you give him a follow.

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