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Abdul Hussien returns to avenge a loss that gives nightmares

Gold Medalist at the 2017 IMMAF World Championships, Abdul Hussien made himself at home in the flyweight division when he fought his second bout in Brave Combat Federation. The 2017 IMMAF World Champion suffered a brutal loss that shocked the MMA World during Brave 10 held in Amman, Jordan when he faced Nawras Abzakh in a bantamweight bout. Hussien revamped his gameplan and finally settled in the flyweight division.

Hussien who trains in Finland faced Sylvester Chipfumbu from Zimbabwe in a flyweight bout. Chipfumbu a previous competitor for the respected EFC title suffered an early cut in the first round. Hussien kept the pressure upon his opponent out-striking his opponent and nullifying the aggression from his opponent by pinning him against the cage and softening the ranged striker in close range with elbows and knees.

The tactic worked for the fighter from Finland as the bout went the distance and for the judges. All the judges decided in favor of Abdul Hussien declaring him the winner by unanimous decision. Hussien celebrated his first promotional win with Brave Combat Federation. The ranks of the flyweight division will benefit by adding yet another medalist from IMMAF World Championship. Other than Abdul Hussien, Hussien Ayyad from Bahrain who is yet another medalist at the World Championship is competing in the division. The division features highly decorated veterans including the 2016 World Combat Sambo Champion, Velimurad Alkhasov from Russia and the 10-time IBJJF World Champion from Brazil, Bruno Malfacine.

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