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Adrian Yanez enjoying friendly rivalry with Randy Costa, aiming for $100K bonus at UFC Vegas 32

It is not often that two fighters are genuinely looking forward to facing each other, respect each other leading up to the fight, and have a fun rivalry rather than a hatred-fueled beef that is usually made up just to get more attention. Instead, this weekend at UFC Vegas 32, Adrian Yanez will face Randy Costa in what many are calling the “People’s Main Event” a fight that has had social media buzzing because it pits two fan favorites who are willing to scrap, no matter what.

Friendly rivalries are not common in the UFC, with superstars like Conor McGregor paving the way that the more dirty and loud the trash talk, the more attention the fight will get. That’s not the case for Adrian Yanez and Costa, who built a rivalry through social media, and one that pits their favorite junk food, Dr. Pepper (Yanez) and Reese’s (Costa) against each other. In fact, the two met virtually with MMA Junkie to discuss each other’s favorite junk food, clearly showing how serious and personal their rivalry is.

While the lead-up has been fun and enjoyable, the two will still fight on Saturday night, and in a bantamweight division full of opportunity, Adrian Yanez is looking to make a statement and earn plenty of cash against Costa. During an interview with MyMMANews, Yanez opened up about the rivalry with Costa and why it’s refreshing for him as a fighter to be involved in a fight like this.

“Honestly, it’s not that different for me. I never go into a fight kind of like emotionally mad or any artificial feelings that you have to make up for yourself. It’s me in the moment, and it’s just me knowing I’m going to go in there and fight against a guy who’s trying to put my lights out, take my arm, take my leg, take my neck. There’s no difference, but it is pretty cool to have someone who’s been very cordial and very obliging with being respectful. It’s way cooler to fight someone you’re cool with than someone you’re not. It’s always more of a barnburner fight when you have that equal respect.”

Dating back to his appearance on Contender Series last year when he won his UFC contract, Yanez has gone 3-0 with the UFC, with all three coming by way of knockout, and his opponent, Costa, has two finishes in his two victories out of three fights under the UFC banner. Recently, the UFC has given out a few $75,000 bonus checks for standout performances, and while Dana White said it wouldn’t be the new standard, Adrian Yanez believes he and his opponent can get even more money in their fight. Knowing they have the ability to go deep into a barnburner fight, and have the skills to knock each other out, Yanez says he and Costa could put on a show that earns them $100,000 each.

“Oh, absolutely. I would say even more. I think we would be the first people to throw up $100K. I know for a fact that if Randy can take my shots, and he can take them well, we are going three rounds of heavy war. That is the only the X-factor that I have yet to see, if he can take my punches. If he can, we are in for a long night of swanging-and-banging, H-Town swanging. To me, I’m looking forward to it and we would probably put up $100K each. $75K would be amazing too, but we’d put on a $100K bonus type of performance. I know I feel it in my heart, that it’s going to be a special night.”

It most certainly could be a special night for Adrian Yanez, who is disappointed he wasn’t given the opportunity to fight in his hometown of Houston, which he had hoped for with this fight, but also knows where things stand for him against Randy Costa. With a victory, Yanez believes he could be within the Top-25 of bantamweights in the UFC, and if things go according to plan, Yanez and Costa should be ready to receive some extra compensation for their very anticipated matchup.

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