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Adrien Rubis: “I have to be the aggressor”

One of the fastest growing Muay Thai promotions in the world, Freedom Fighter Promotions makes its triumphant return to The Empire State of New York, this weekend, Saturday, September 17. 

Presenting their seventh show in under an impressive two years into the business, Freedom Fighter Promotions has hosted their show in 3 different states thus far, with plans to go international next month, as well as next year.

“I’m very pleased to be able to compete and travel at the same time and get to see new places,” Adrien Rubis says ahead of his fight against Cyrus Washington.  “I will say that New York was on my checklist and I’m happy to check it (off),” he continues.

Discussing the bout, Rubis knows that Washington is “defending his belt,” Rubis says to paint a verbal picture. “So, I guess I have to be the aggressor,” he continues.  “That may be his (Washington’s) standpoint.  He’s not going to walk forward to me, I guess because I am the challenger,” Rubis hypothetically says.  “But I may be surprised,” he continues. “It can go anyway, so I’m not really expecting anything,” he elaborates. “I’m just going to react,” he claims.

“I’m going to look forward to finish before the judges but if it goes 5 rounds, it will but I will do my best to end it before and I’m sure he will too,” Rubis finalizes.

With the impressive feats and athletes Freedom is bringing in from across the world, “Freedom is here,” says Freedom Fighters president and CEO, Rami “The Son of Palestine” Ibrahim.

Tune in above as Adrien Rubis joins us from France to detail his impending bout with Cyrus “Black Dynamite” Washington at Freedom 7. We discuss variables that may dictate the outcome of this super fight.  Rubis talks to me about maintaining a life of studies on top of his professional fighting career, and he tells us his plans for visiting a New York; a check off of his bucket list!

 If you can’t attend Freedom Fighter Promotions 7, be sure to tune into the live feed, brought to you by Fight Club Live Tv at


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