"Lil Pitbull" - Ahmad Ibrahim interview

“Lil Pitbull” – Ahmad Ibrahim interview

“Lil Pitbull” – Ahmad Ibrahim interview

by Adam Crist

Photo by Steve Bauzen

Philadelphia has a slogan of “City of Brotherly Love”. That slogan directly applies to the Ibrahim family inside and out of the ring.

Always putting the best step forward to improve the city and the sport of Muay Thai.

Alas, a Philly prodigy was born in Ahmad Ibrahim who at just 19 years of age already has a fight record of 19-6 and is fastly becoming a force to be reckon within the amateur circuit (Some might consider the best in his class in the world).

However, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. With a trainer and uncle like world renowned Thai fighter, Rami Ibrahim, it’s not hard to imagine how this prodigy has gained his skill and put it to work in the ring. 13x Champion, Ahmad Ibraim is a star to pay attention to, for certain! Tune in to our chat!


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