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Alex Barbosa hops aboard the USS Battleship NJ as they host Boxing – June 5th

Video interview with Alex Barbosa above

Battleship Boxing is poised for commencement on Sunday, June 5th.  The USS Battleship NJ, docked in Camden, NJ and now a memorial and museum, is the longest, fastest, most decorated battleship in history.  From 1943 to 1991, she served in WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, Cold War, and the Persian Gulf. This legend will host an amateur boxing card stacked with 20 bouts. This is a seriously cool atmosphere to have an event. The big tent will be up, and we will have pugilism on the historic fantail of the ship.

The pleasant voice you will hear most of the night will be Alex Barbosa. Alex will be where he belongs, on the mic in the center of the ring. Barbosa is a former professional boxer and is an owner at TKO Fitness in Cherry Hill, NJ. Alex has done a wonderful job of continuing to help build the combat sports community along with health and fitness and is one of the main reasons this afternoon will be pretty spectacular. I visited Alex to ask about the exciting plans and he tells MyMMANews…
“First I got to shout out Gary Grant, who is the man. He can get anything done. This is going to be awesome. Young, up and coming talent on the Battleship NJ is a special time. I’m excited to be involved with  R&B Promotions who along with TKO Fitness is presenting this event and about what we have planned moving into the future.”
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If you would like to attend the unique event, you can get tickets on-line through the link at
The bouts are sanctioned by USA Boxing.
It starts at 2pm and food concessions and bar service will be available for purchase.
Alex is a hard working, talented guy with vision. I expect to see his success continue to grow. TKO Fitness has talented boxers and mixed martial artists in there on a regular basis.  On this trip, I ran into world class corner and striking coach, Ryan Kim Cafaro as he was in a session with Sijara Eubanks.
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Battleship NJ
Alex Barbosa
Alex Barbosa
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